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n. pl. e·quiv·a·len·cies


(ˌɛkwɪˈveɪlənsɪ) or


(Chemistry) chem the state of having equal valencies
ˌequiˈvalent adj


(ɪˈkwɪv ə ləns or, for 3, ˌi kwəˈveɪ ləns)

1. the state or fact of being equivalent; equality in value, force, significance, etc.
2. an instance of this; an equivalent.
3. the state of having equal chemical valence.
4. Logic.
a. the relation between two propositions such that they are either both true or both false.
b. the relation between two propositions such that each logically implies the other.
5. (of a logical or mathematical relationship) reflexive, symmetrical, and transitive.
[1535–45; < Middle French < Medieval Latin]
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The state of being equivalent:
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When most people discuss substantial equivalency, they're talking about the ability (or, rather, the lack of ability) of CPAs licensed in one state to practice across state lines, freely and without restrictions.
Substantial equivalency is a determination by a board of accountancy or its designee that the education, examination and experience requirements contained in another jurisdiction's statutes and administrative rules are comparable to or exceed the requirements specified in the act or that an individual CPA's education, examination and experience qualifications are comparable to or exceed the requirements contained in the UAA.
These instances prove that the current model for gaining practice privileges, "substantial equivalency," has not made the progress sufficient to reflect an Internet-based and mobile society.
Regarding "substantial equivalency," the draft makes it clear that a CPA is substantially equivalent regardless of the order in which the CPA attained the required education, examination and experience.
The camp often helps teens complete requirements for general equivalency diplomas and even enrolls them in community colleges once they're released.
With its Electrical Apprenticeship Program at the training program's core, Local 164 offers high school graduates, or those who possess an equivalency diploma, a fully-certified program that meets the training needs of today's electrical workers.
The bill would eliminate the minimum age requirement of 16 for students taking high school equivalency tests, which are generally necessary in lieu of diplomas for college admission.
With sections in both English and Spanish on money, health, school, jobs, and family, the site provides access to some of the social capital that middle-class Americans take for granted: how to balance a checkbook, find a doctor, get a high school equivalency degree, even start a business.
In short, the reported value for dioxin-like chemicals is frequently condensed to one value--the toxic equivalency (50).
capital equivalency measure for foreign banking organizations will take effect on February 21, 2002, and (2) the modification to post electronic check presentments to depository institutions' Federal Reserve accounts at 1:00 p.
Given the prescriptive staffing and response time requirements of 1710, it is unclear whether the equivalency language offers any relief for local governments.
In a recent letter to the Wall Street Journal, Fred Meister, president of the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS), provided a synopsis of his "drink is a drink is a drink" platform, often viewed by brewers as a stalking horse for tax equivalency.