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Thermal equivalent circuit of extruded insulated core in transient thermal mode.
In Section II, we comment on methods recently presented in the literature for estimating one-diode equivalent circuit parameters and adjusting the I-V characteristic curve in terms of ambient conditions.
In Section II, the test setup for high frequency transformer and equivalent circuit are explained.
In order to design the CSIW-CRLH structure without stop-band expediently, the relationships between the structure parameters and the equivalent circuit parameters are analyzed.
In Section 3, the equivalent circuit model based on self-healing characteristic is proposed and the analysis of the model is given.
To check the validity of the equivalent circuit, [V.sub.ab_a] calculated by Equation (2) was compared with [V.sub.ab_a] actually measured.
The results of full-wave electromagnetic and equivalent circuit simulations of the structure shown in Figure 1(a) are depicted in Figure 3, which clearly shows a narrow-passband around 1 GHz (the equivalent circuit parameters of the topology are extracted from equations (14), (15), and (17)-(19) of [4] and given in the caption).
In this case, the equivalent circuit is composed of two parallel circuit RC.
(14) to determine the Q of the transistor-embedded SRR equivalent circuit at resonance (Eq.
CITATION: Yeu, R., Wells, J., Miller, C., and Thompson, J., "Power Quality Assessment through Stochastic Equivalent Circuit Analysis," SAE Int.
The elements inside ([Y.sub.I]) can be represented by the equivalent circuit in Figure 3(c), all of which are integer-order elements.
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