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a. Equal, as in value, force, or meaning.
b. Having similar or identical effects.
2. Being essentially equal, all things considered: a wish that was equivalent to a command.
3. Mathematics
a. Capable of being put into a one-to-one relationship. Used of two sets.
b. Having virtually identical or corresponding parts.
c. Of or relating to corresponding elements under an equivalence relation.
4. Chemistry Having the same ability to combine.
5. Logic Having equivalence: equivalent propositions.
1. Something that is essentially equal to another: "The hand is not the biological equivalent of a hammer or a screwdriver; the hand is a multipurpose tool like a Swiss Army knife" (Jonathan Gottschall).
2. Chemistry Equivalent weight.

[Middle English, from Late Latin aequivalēns, aequivalent-, present participle of aequivalēre, to have equal force : Latin aequi-, equi- + Latin valēre, to be strong; see wal- in Indo-European roots.]

e·quiv′a·lent·ly adv.
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More than 80% of this year's leavers gained places at the highly-prestigious Russell Group universities and equivalently elite international institutions.
The required services must comply with French or European standards or other approved standards applicable in France by virtue of international agreements or under the provisions of Article 6 of the Public Procurement Code, equivalently meet the specifications from these different documents.
And, priced from PS17,500, costing less than you'd have to find for an equivalently powered and specified Focus or Astra.
Addressing the 6th Fujairah Media Forum in the UAE, the minister said it was important to support the humanitarian values that equivalently consider the individual and community.
The makers of Fortunata say they spent eleven years fine-tuning the piece powers to ensure that all of the pieces are equivalently useful.
Equivalently, the output gap (the gap between actual output and potential output) has remained wide open.
If a New York City resident chooses to purchase an equivalently priced home in Greenwich Connecticut as opposed to in Summit New Jersey, an additional $3.
And alongside those two towering figures in modern British history, there is an equivalently giant Welsh figure in Australian political history Billy Hughes, the London-born son of Welsh-speaking parents whose 51-year parliamentary career Down Under saw him serve eight years as Prime Minister, partly during World War I, and shape the modern Australian nation.
9 pounds (850 grams), compared to an equivalently sized Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH), which weighs 3.
It is also one priced at less than you'd have to find for an equivalently powered and specified Focus or Astra you'll pay from around PS17,500 and get plenty of kit too.
25-inch OD system is intended for use with the D60x90 through D100x140 Navigator HDD, the Ditch Witch JT100 and equivalently rated drills.
Transparency is a state in which the cost of information (computing, processing, communicating, searching, coordinating, and monitoring) is approaching zero or, equivalently, in which cheap connectivity is so abundant and easy, it's nearly infinite.