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1. Capable of being erased: erasable ink.
2. Capable of producing something that can be erased: an erasable pen.

e·ras′a·bil′i·ty n.


the state of being erasable
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In the erasability tests, the coating has to show little to no ghosting as well as meet the durability (mark-erase cycles) testing," says Chin.
The high gloss finish provides easy erasability, excellent chemical resistance and great adhesion at a fraction of the cost of purchasing dry erase boards or competitive dry erase paints.
SST's MTP devices provide the easy electrical erasability of flash and the cost-effectiveness of EPROM devices.
However, the price of erasability is noncompatibility, Because there is no single industry standard for MO disks, a disk made on one manufacturer's drive cannot be read on another make of drive.
The lack of erasability may be advantageous in applications where non-erasability is crucial (banking, archival files), and erasable compact discs may come by late 1996.
The erasable systems usually combine the erasability of magnetic media with the storage density of optical techniques.
Besides speed advantages, erasability for revisions and unattended operation, Carnegie Mellon was also impressed with the fact that their pencil plotter provides a soft landing mechanism, preventing the pencil or pen from damaging the media or writing instrument itself.
The RF-25JM is one of the few multifunction jukeboxes on the market today that offers both erasability and "true" write-once disc storage technology.