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When a VHS video recorder is placed in the record mode over an existing recording, the full-track erase head starts erasing all of the information on the tape, including the video tracks.
This portion of partial tracks is equal to the linear width of the helical-scan tracks because the full-track erase head produces a vertical, 90-degree erasure on the videotape across the slanted (about 6 degrees) field tracks.
When the recorder has a flying erase head, the underlying hi-fi audio information will be erased just ahead of the hi-fi audio-recording process and the new information will be recorded properly.
When a VHS recorder is placed in the record mode over an existing recording, the underlying control-track information is erased by both the full-track erase head and the control-track record head.
The longer test overrecordings were of sufficient length to completely erase the portion of the videotape between the full-track erase head and the beginning of the helical-scan heads (the pre-video erased area) (see Figure 3); whereas the short overrecordings did not completely erase that segment.
This VCR has a flying erase head. This figure is in Adobe Portable Document Format.
An erase head leaves some inaudible marks on tape that may indicate tampering.
The $599 model has S-link and a flying erase head for better home editing.
Additional features are an 8x power zoom with macro focus, for getting in close; full-range auto focus; neuro auto exposure; digital auto white balance; high-speed electronic shutter; flying erase head; and more.
* six- or eight-power zoom lens * auto focus * auto exposure * auto color balance * flying erase head
Additionally, the copy tape would not have the expected magnetic artifacts, called event signatures, that are caused by the energizing and de-energizing of record and erase heads on an audiotape recorder.
The strength of type I degaussers can be expected to have little erasure power over the metal-particle tapes and even some erase heads provided by the recorder manufacturers seem to be inadequate for re-recording.