erectile tissue

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Noun1.erectile tissue - vascular tissue capable of filling with blood and becoming rigid
animal tissue - the tissue in the bodies of animals
erectile organ - an organ containing erectile tissue
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In the present study, we examined the effect of lyophilized aqueous and methanol extracts of Ferulago species growing naturally in Turkey on erectile tissue. In Turkey these species are known as "cagsir" or "caksir" and are utilized conventionally as an aphrodisiac in South and Southeast Anatolia.
Any pathology or disease that affects nerve tissues, vascular systems, hormonal systems or the erectile tissue's properties lead to ED.
They found that dolphins have a clitoral hood where two areas of extensive erectile tissue merge into a single body, a shape and structure very similar to the human clitoris.
According to the results of this study, pathogenic CNI-induced ED causes oxidative stress to the cavernous tissue, and Rb can prevent injury to the erectile tissue. Furthermore, the results of this study suggest that preemptive use of Rb has a positive effect on oxidative parameters and improves all parameters towards the control levels.
Despite the high prevalence of alcoholism and diabetes, there are few studies related to alterations in endothelin receptors in penis erectile tissue.
Along with repairing age-worn blood vessels, the GAINSWave stimulates the creation of new blood vessels and the rejuvenation of erectile tissue.
Increasing the blood flow to the penis by strengthening the bulbocavernous muscle, reducing the erectile tissue hypoxia, and decreasing the formation of fibrosis may lessen the permanent damage to erectile functioning (Prota et al., 2012).
No good substitute is available for erectile tissue in reconstructive surgery
Among tissues that can be damaged by Type 1 diabetes, especially when blood glucose is poorly controlled, are the heart and blood vessels; nerves, especially in the legs, feet, gastrointestinal tract and, in men, erectile tissue; the filtering system of the kidneys; and retina of the eyes.
The cavernosal or deep penile artery extends throughout the length of corpus cavernosum and plays important role in the blood flow of erectile tissue. Venous drainage is mainly through emissary veins which drains the corpus cavernosum and empties into the deep dorsal venous systems of the penis.
Eventually, the thickened region may extend to the erectile tissue and this may lead to erectile dysfunction.