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In this large-scale ensemble novel, delineating the novel from the standpoint of a terrorist, the novelist offers full-length criticism of eremitism revolving around and following one of the basic tenets of Islam 'Straight Path' through the caricature of a young and impressionable 18-year-old boy.
This article situates his work within the literature of 'uzla in the Sunni tradition and its development of the sub-themes of safeguarding one's faith, social disengagement and informal eremitism, the refocus on personal priorities, pacifism in the face of intra-Muslim strifes, misanthropy and the struggle against egotism.
Eremitism was thus a quietist expression of the elites' reluctance to bow to the sway of fate and luck and desire for agency in grasping their destiny.
One can dream of the Vera List Center for Art and Politics hosting a Saturday on "Eremitism as a Path," with a panel including Wolfgang Laib, Raquel Rabinowitz, Khem Caigan, and perhaps a resurrected Agnes Martin.
"Christmas-Eve" hints at dream visions and pilgrimages, toys with the idea of eremitism, but finally escapes them all to affirm spiritual value in the visions of Christ that leads him to unfurl the world and look to it, in it, and at it.
Both of these interpretations indicate that eremitism should be seen as reflecting and helping to shape wider spiritual developments in Christian society.
For mystical Islam, justice is a call of the divine Truth itself, inviting us to witness in public life, which is exactly what Gandhi did, contrary to the antisocial eremitism of most Hindu ascetics.
(22) Kaldis, "As Liu Kexiang has written, Taiwan nature writing has struggled to free itself from, among other Western and Chinese traditions, both abstract idealism and eremitism" (2008: 89).
The paintings suggest not merely aesthetic tradition, but an acutely self-enclosed beauty, an eremitism of rustling silk that seems an expression of both withdrawal and repudiation.
The concept of eremitism in Chinese culture is a broad one.
"The hidden hero: Creation and disintegration of the Ideal of Eremitism".