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The FOI request shows the author ity received 36 reports in relation to dog fouling from the ward in 2018, six more than second-placed Walk ergate.
[??]are whare oure lorde was done on [??]e crosse es writen in Grew lettres sayand [??]us, Otheos basileon ysmon presemas ergate sothias oys.
'e planning application is for demolition of the store on Walk-Walk ergate and building of a 1,415 square metre o-ce development in its place.
Jaelithe, a former student of Hook ergate Comprehensive School, where her father taught art, and Northum bria University, wrote from the heart about her own experience of a key time in life and "basically what I wished I'd known as a teenager."
ergate (along the lines of subjective and objective vs.
The other green spots are in Ergates, Kokkinotrimithia, Peristerona, Astromeritis, Linou, Alampra and Malounda.
As for Lustrochernes grossus (Banks 1893), it has been recorded on the spider Olios fasciculatus (Hoff & Jennings 1974), on cerambycids Ergates spiculatus (Muchmore 1971a) and Trogosoma chiricahuae (Muchmore 1991), as well as in rodent's nests (Villegas-Guzman & Perez 2005b; Francke & Villegas-Guzman 2007).
Calvia punctata, Ergates spiculatus and Amphicyrta dentipes were observed in January, February, March and April.
(78) Above all, he is impressed with the words and the example of Paul, who mentions his own manual labor on several occasions (Acts 20:35, 1 Thes 2:9, and 2 Thes 3:8), as well as with Christ's counsel that it is particularly "the laborer" (ergates), and not simply anyone, who is "worthy of his food" (Mt 10:10).
If you prefer, tackle ERGATES (worker ants) instead.
The green spots are located in Ergates, Kokkinotrimithia, Peristerona, Astromeritis, Linou, Alambra, Strovolos and Malounda.
Elena Frantzi, 34, was found dead in her home last month after her foster father -- Father Stylianos, a priest in Ergates village in the Nicosia district -- had been reinstated as a priest after serving 18 months for sexually harassing her.