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 (ûr′gət, -gŏt′)
1. Any of several fungi of the genus Claviceps, especially C. purpurea, that infect various cereal plants and form compact black masses of branching filaments that replace the grains of the host plant. Humans and livestock can be poisoned by ingesting ergot-infected grains.
2. The plant disease caused by such a fungus.
3. The dried sclerotia of ergot, usually obtained from rye seed and used as a source of several medicinally important alkaloids and as the basic source of lysergic acid.

[French, from Old French argot, cock's spur (from its shape), of unknown origin.]

er·got′ic adj.
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(Medicine) relating to ergot
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Adj.1.ergotic - relating to or produced by ergot
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While some generously speculative research in the 1940s attempted to link him to an heretical sex cult called the Adamites, (1) and while the 1960s Zeitgeist had him hallucinating on ergotic wheat, (2) mainstream academic opinion offers a much tamer picture.
The final four articles discuss alternative interpretations, giving, in the editors' words, " alternative, Darwinian view of the economy that, by denying the very existence of a unique ergotic equilibrium for the economy, challenges the existence of both the expectations-augmented Phillips curve and its companion, the Non-Acccelerating Inflation Rate of Unemployment (NAIRU)." The set comprises three volumes.
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