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Adj.1.ergotropic - of or relating to ergotropism
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0033 Hz)--reflects the activity of the central ergotropic and humoral-metabolic mechanisms of HR regulation; TP (total power spectrum); and mc2--reflects the total effect on HR of all regulation levels.
003 Hz (25-333s), reflects cerebral ergotropic effect on underlying levels and makes possible assessment of the brain functional state, ULF, a zone of ultra low-frequency oscillations with the frequency more than 0.
The dual physiological mechanisms can be conceptualized as the two directions in which consciousness can be altered: the ergotropic pathway of increasing arousal through sympathetic nervous system activation, culminating in the extreme of mystical ecstasy, and the trophotropic pathway of decreasing arousal through parasympathetic nervous system activation, culminating in deep trance (Fischer, 1971).