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A Chinese stringed instrument that is played with a bow and has two strings stretched from a small sound box along a long thin neck. Also called Chinese violin.

[Mandarin èrhú : èr, two (in reference to its two strings) (from Middle Chinese ri`, from Proto-Sino-Tibetan *g-nis; akin to Tibetan gnyis and Burmese hnac) + , peoples of Central Asia (in reference to the instrument's Central Asian origin) (from Middle Chinese xɦuə̆).]


a two-stringed Chinese musical instrument
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He is the vice president of the Erhu Chinese Association for Musicians, the head of the Chongqing Chung Theater and the Chongqing Symphony Orchestra.
Le public a, egalement, decouvert un instrument de musique traditionnel, [beaucoup moins que] l' Erhu [beaucoup plus grand que], dont s'est servi avec dexterite l'artiste Tchang.
By the painted pavilion, the heartache of an erhu tangled the breeze.
But he credits his success, particularly with this year's acclaimed Where the Mountain Meets the Moon--an adaptation of Grace Lin's children's book that featured an all-Asian cast and artists, including one who played the erhu, the familiar Chinese two-string fiddle--to the same dramaturgical tools one might use in a show for adults: the rigorous defining and paring of story arcs, and richly developed characters who earn the right to break into song.
Fan Zhao (1), Kaiyang Liao (1), Erhu Zhang (1) and Fangying Qu (2)
The author also includes string instruments of other cultures and offers illustrations and descriptions of traditional bowed string instruments such as the Arabic rebab, China's erhu and the nyckelharpa from Sweden.
Tiptoeing through the ruins with a friend, he recovered a stereo, a pair of bicycle tires and an erhu, a traditional Chinese string instrument.
Set to his own libretto by the Sichuan-born, Beijing-trained Guo, the stately score pits a Sichuan-opera soprano as the alluring Diao Chan against a Peking-opera countertenor as the young general hi 1311, the younger of her two smitten dupes, and pits a quartet of Chinese instrumentalists (on pipa, dizi, erhu, gaohu and sheng) against 11 Western musicians.
The instruments settled upon by the workshops were the baS 'In and Dlr (metal and skin covered percussion instruments); the meSchuS (a large wind instrument with various membranes and overtone flutes); and the tlngDagh (a string instrument, that can be bowed or plucked, combining a Chinese erhu, Mongolian morin khuur, and a Japanese shamisen) (figure 6).
The program features virtuosos on exotic instruments including the dizi transverse flute and the erhu, a fiddle.
Their will be a brief performance by Mei Yuan, music teacher at Fei Tian Academy of The Arts California and former Erhu (Chinese Violin) soloist with Shen Yun Performing Arts from New York.
The cello-sized version of the erhu - a traditional two-stringed Chinese violin - has been developed by Mr KH Li, director of Liverpool's Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra.