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Causing erosion: the erosive effect of ocean waves on the shoreline.

e·ro′sive·ness, e·ro′siv′i·ty n.
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(ˌɪrəʊˈzɪvɪtɪ) or


the ability to cause erosionthe susceptibility to erosion
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in which R is the rainfall erosivity factor (MJ x cm x [h.sup.-1] x [h.sup.-1] x [year.sup.-1]) and [MFI.sub.10] is the modified Fournier index (mm) for a 10-year record length.
The equation components include: potential average annual soil loss in tons per acre per year (A); rainfall erosivity factor (R); the soil erodibility factor (K); the lengthslope factor (LS); and crop management factors (C and P) that were provided by the Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD).
Annual rainfall erosivity evaluated on the basis of the [beta]-factor of the USLE [23] is relatively low and ranges from 590 to 1850 MJ mm [ha.sup.-1] h-1 [24].
Precipitation and temperature data of 18 years (1988-2005) is used to compute Modified Fournier Index (MFI) and Bagnouls-Gaussen aridity Index (BGI) that is overlaid to generate erosivity map.
Northern Mounta-ins###Malakand and Hazara Division, Northern area, Murree-khuta Tehsil of Rwalpindi distt.AJK.###Catchment for Tarbela and Mangla discharging water to Indus, produces crops like wheat maize, potato and deciduous fruits###Sheet, rill, and gully Erosion, high rainfall erosivity and soil erodibility, land sliding.###Afforestation, especially on degraded mountain slopes (slopping Agriculture land technology), pasture improvement, soil Conservation, bio-engineering and terrace Maintenance , preserving Biodiversity, especially medicinal plants, off-season Fruits and vegetables cultivation and on- farm water management, water resource development.
Erosion: According to the results, erosivity and erodibility in the territory was high, mainly because of steep slopes and heavy precipitation.
"Using elevation to aid the geostatistical mapping of rainfall erosivity".
Thus, LNT-Ii-CII treatment administered early in CIA efficiently suppresses the development of arthritis regarding both incidence and severity of arthritis, as well as reduced bone-cartilage erosivity.
389 Vrieling, A., Sherk, G., de Jong, S.M., Satellite-based estimation of rainfall erosivity for Africa.