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(ˌɛrəʊˈtiːmə) ,




(Rhetoric) rhetoric a rhetorical question
[C16: New Latin, from Greek, from erōtain to ask]
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The style of the second paragraph after the volte-face is dominated by erotema as the narrator poses six rhetorical questions to multiply "doubts" about the value of letters, the time wasted in writing and responding to them, the life that "dwindles" down to such trivia as letters often communicate.
We can see examples of enallage of person, erotema or rhetorical question, exclamation or ecphonesis, prosopopeia, aposiopesis, and prolepsis.
The reiteration of tropes-in particular, the use of meiosis to portray himself as a humble civil servant responding to duty's call and of erotema (and hypophora) to fabricate with the public a dialogue in which the people clamor for him-reinforced this identification.
No obstante, tambien se puede entender que touto autorefiere al neutro inmediatamente anterior de la linea 199d3 to erotema y traducir, siguiendo a Rowe (1998), iii.) "como si se estuviera preguntando la misma cosa respecto de un padre", o bien, iv.) "preguntando precisamente como si ese mismo [objeto de interrogacion] <fuera>'padre'" (esta ultima opcion me fue sugerida por E.
aposiopesis and erotema); punctuation; plain style; adverbs (e.g.