erotic love

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Noun1.erotic love - a deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction; "their love left them indifferent to their surroundings"; "she was his first love"
concupiscence, physical attraction, sexual desire, eros - a desire for sexual intimacy
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Kierkegaard redefines the biblical aspects of spiritual love in relation to erotic love and friendship.
"It's a passionate, erotic love story," she explained.
It will give a historical and philosophical account of the nature of erotic love and then apply this account to the question of homosexuality and homoerotic desire.
As if that's not enough, along the way he also discusses the structure of values, emotions, sentiments, erotic love, and romantic relationships, making advances in each of these areas.
The film, 'Cupid', will revolve around the god of desire, affection, erotic love and attraction.
But this premise is compromised in the moments when the parameters are extended to consider texts not primarily or even ostensibly about erotic love, such as Pound's Canto IV and Fraser's WING.
Drayton's Idea reimagines the laws of love as a murder trial with the Lady and Cupid representing the law of erotic love. Sokolov finds similar legal proceedings in John Lydgate's Complaynte of a Louers Lyfe, where the dead Lover testifies against his own murder.
All this stands in contrast to romantic and erotic love, and Blatterer devotes a chapter to drawing a contrast between the different "institutional trajectories" of friendship and romantic love.
Thus, erotic love, for Levinas, is necessary for the ethical relationship.
Emilia's song and Pampinea's hymn to erotic love bookend Day Two, according to Francesco Ciabattoni.
"Under the tyranny of erotic love," Socrates explains, the tyrant "has permanently become while awake what he used to become occasionally while asleep."
The last two chapters provide a commentary on the development of erotic love in the films of Hitchcock, Lang, Luis Bunuel, Truffant, Sternberg, Rohmer, Sofia Coppola and many others.