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Of, relating to, or tending to arouse sexual desire.

[Greek erōtikos, from erōs, erōt-, sexual love.]

e·rot′ic n.
e·rot′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.erotically - in an erotic manner
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adverotisch; erotically chargederotisch geladen
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[ɪˈrɒtɪklɪ] adveroticamente
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A MOTHER-OF-FIVE who was caught dancing erotically on the streets has been jailed for two weeks.
I know it is entirely possibly for a woman to walk erotically and erratically.
By queer imperial, Everett refers to political and cultural ways of being in which queer, Othered bodies represent erotically tempting objects of domination, but also a person--soldier, colonialist, or writer or reader of colonial fiction>--for whom contact with taboo sexualities constitutes crucial aspects of conquest and empire-building.
Daring director Guillermo del Toro serves up a gorgeous, erotically charged love story which delivers on its dizzying promise of 13 Oscar and 12 Bafta nominations the shape of water (15) .....
Prosector Janice Eagles said girls he targeted "may have posed erotically".
Currie states in his new book that members of both genders suffer from the problem of wanting to 'have their cake and eat it too.' Currie believes many men want a woman who they perceive as a prudish and monogamy-oriented 'good girl' type as their long-term girlfriend or wife, but they want another woman who is kinkier and more promiscuous and/or polyamorous as their mistress or 'on-the-side lover.' Similarly, Currie believes that many women want to marry a friendly, accommodating, and financially generous 'Beta male' type, but they also want a kinky, erotically dominant, sexually satisfying 'Alpha male' type as a discreet lover behind their husband's back.
British author EL James self-published the first instalment of her erotically charged trilogy before the first hardback edition was released in March 2012.
Intense and vivid, Burning Dawn is a thrilling, erotically charged saga enthusiastically recommended to fans of the genre, and of author Gena Showalter's previous "Angels of the Dark" novels.
Grand Central 95mins 15 DESPITE its erotically charged subject matter, this French thriller is more likely to prompt a Gallic shrug than arousal.
But while there are some nice, atmospheric and blood-drenched moments in Neil Jordan's erotically charged film, it lacks the necessary bite to really appeal to horror fans.
Marital malaise with chef husband Lou (Seth Rogen), who is hopelessly absorbed in creating recipes for a chicken cookbook, sparks potential adultery, played out as a series of erotically charged encounters.