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 (ĭ-rō′tə-mā′nē-ə, ĭ-rŏt′ə-)
1. Excessive sexual desire.
2. Psychiatry A delusional, romantic preoccupation with another person, often a public figure.

[Greek erōtomaniā : erōs, erōt-, sexual love + -maniā, -mania.]

e·ro′to·ma′ni·ac′ (-mā′nē-ăk′) n.
e·ro′to·ma·ni′a·cal (-mə-nī′ə-kəl) adj.


1. (Psychology) abnormally strong sexual desire
2. (Psychology) a condition in which a person is obsessed with another person and groundlessly believes that person to be in love with him or her
eˌrotoˈmaniac n


(ɪˌroʊ təˈmeɪ ni ə, ɪˌrɒt ə-)

1. abnormally strong or persistent sexual desire.
2. obsession with sexual thoughts.
e•ro`to•ma′ni•ac`, n.
e•ro`to•man′ic (-ˈmæn ɪk) adj.


abnormal or uncontrollable sexual desire. — erotomaniac, n., adj.
See also: Sex
an excessive propensity for sexual desire.
See also: Manias


[ɪˌrɒtəʊˈmeɪnɪə] Nerotomanía f
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The reason Aphrodisias could do this is simply that there is no setting better suited to preserving those ironic possibilities, that the "love" portrayed in Browning's poem is really nympholepsy or erotomania, with which several critics have sought to counter any smack of sentimentality in the poem's conclusion.
She was remanded to St Luke's hospital, Middlesbrough, and assessed as having erotomania - the belief that a high-profile man was in love with her.
Mullen, 49, was ordered to undergo twelve months of psychiatric treatment after a court heard she was suffering from erotomania and had "sexual hallucinations" about the headmaster.
Out on probation from the mental asylum where she's been dealing with her erotomania (don't ask), Adrien (Lori Heuring) is given a summer job at a swank beachside country club populated by poor little college rich kids.
I personaggi di questi film, interpretati dai vari Christian De Sica, Massimo Boldi, Ezio Greggio, Andrea Roncato, sono per solito professionisti affermati, affetti da erotomania, omofobici e razzisti, alle prese con le peggiori disgrazie fisiologiche e ossessivamente impegnati a sedurre ricche top model in alberghi a molte stelle.
it could be, but surely as, or more, important was Hill's personal gravities--her clear and cogent testimony, her ability to hold up under withering, almost surreal questioning--which made her attackers' allusions to erotomania and pubic hairs in students' exams seem crazy.
This woman suffers from erotomania, which is a very severe mental illness.
I believe he has attained greatness a number of times--in Araki's Tokyo Erotomania Diary, and in Sentimental na Tabi/Fuyu no Tabi (Sentimental journey/winter journey, 1991), which he calls his "purest" book, a deeply moving record of his honeymoon with his wife, Yoko, in 1971, and then of her death from cancer in 1990.
For instance, Barry Dingle's passion for Myrnaloy Trask is in one sense an erotomania fueled by runaway hormones, but in a different sense - one, say, involving an erotomane able to step outside his erotomania and view it non-erotomaniacally - it is anything but such an erotomania.
As regards the love-object, gender is not a deciding factor, for erotomania may manifest as heterosexual passion or--as with Parry--homosexual.
The delusions are "nonbizarre"--false beliefs that do not fall outside the realm of possibility, such as delusions of jealousy or erotomania.
Defence lawyer Gordon Lakin said Quinn, of Mixenden, Halifax, suffers from erotomania - a condition causing women to believe a man loves her.