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 (ĭ-rä′təm, ĭ-rā′-)
n. pl. er·ra·ta (-tə)
An error in printing or writing, especially such an error noted in a list of corrections and bound into a book.

[Latin errātum, from neuter past participle of errāre, to stray; see ers- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) the plural of erratum
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(ɪˈrɑ tə, ɪˈreɪ-, ɪˈræt ə)

n., pl. -tas for 2.
1. pl. of erratum.
2. a list of errors and their corrections inserted, usu. on a separate page or slip of paper, in a book or other publication; corrigenda.
usage: errata is orig. the plural of erratum, a borrowing from Latin. By the mid-17th century, errata had come to be used as a singular noun meaning “a list of errors or corrections for a book.” Despite objections by some, this use is standard in English: The errata begins on page 237. When errata clearly means “errors,” it takes plural verbs and pronouns.
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[ɪˈrɑːtə] n (Typ) → errore m di stampa
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It is uncertain how often errata for study publications contain information that is valuable for systematic reviews and whether they are retrieved through typical systematic review literature search methods.
He earlier asked the DBM to restore the amounts cut from the DOH budget by issuing errata on the allocations for the HFEP and HHRD.
For this facsimile classics edition, De Boor has substituted MATLAB for FORTRAN, and added an extensive list of errata and emendations.
We tend to think of CPU errata as being show-stopping phenomena that occur only occasionally, but the opposite is true.
Lisa Fay Coutley's lyrical debut collection, "Errata", investigates the delicate balance between parent and child, love and loss, hope and grief.
Errata for the 2012 report have been published in this issue of MMWR
That edition silently corrected errors that Beverley listed as errata, while the new edition presents his uncorrected text and reprints his errata with page references both to the 1705 original and this volume.
Effective for 2015 publication date, NLM is retaining citations for errata notices and creating a 2-way link between the citation for the erratum notice and the citation for the original article as we do for citations for retraction notices and retracted papers.