erroneous belief

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Noun1.erroneous belief - a misconception resulting from incorrect information
misconception - an incorrect conception
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A sentiment, or frame of mind, induced by the erroneous belief that one thing is better than another.
Uncontrolled increase in population, based on the erroneous belief that large families are beneficial, lack of literacy and the resulting ignorance, are other important contributors to the rising incidence of the disease.
The NCS spokesman said: 'Operating on the erroneous belief that the festive period is a time of merriment and less vigilance by security operatives, smugglers of illicit drugs, during the just concluded Eid el-Kabir celebration, attempted to move trailer loads of codeine, Tramadol and other deadly drugs from Lagos to other parts of the country.
'The objective of the regulator to enforce such restrictions is based on the assumption of assuring traceability of drugs to the manufacturer and forcing MNCs to set up own local manufacturing operations with the erroneous belief that this will generate employment,' said Shahab Rizvi, former president OICCI and former chairman, Pharma Bureau.
An erroneous belief that holds sway in Kenya is that lawyers are sacrosanct when it comes to being compelled to become state witnesses against their clients.This belief is based on the provisions of the Evidence Act Section 134 which states that "no advocate shall at any time be permitted unless with his client's express consent to disclose any communication made to him or to state the contents, or condition of any document with which he has become acquainted or to disclose any advice given by him to his client in the course and for the purpose of such employment".
These anti-vaxxer parents - call them free-riders or even pro-plague - are putting my children and our communities at risk to cater to their erroneous belief that vaccinations would harm their children rather than contribute to the elimination of childhood diseases.
Commenting on the diary recovered by Enforcement Directorate (ED) from the accused in the deal, Sushen Mohan Gupta, who is under arrest now, Jaitly said, "There is an erroneous belief among Indian politicians that a diary is never admissible as evidence.
There is a widespread, erroneous belief in the Arab world that the White House and the president are the most important political powers in the United States.
It strengthens the erroneous belief that work has to be unpleasant.
A well-known model has launched a social-media campaign to tackle the widespread erroneous belief that sexual harassment stems from a woman's choice of clothes.
Like McCorvey, many have held the erroneous belief that early pregnancy yielded nothing more than a lifeless mass of tissue with no human value.