erroneous belief

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Noun1.erroneous belief - a misconception resulting from incorrect information
misconception - an incorrect conception
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erroneous belief that one thing is better than another.
An erroneous belief in Pakistan is that women should not pursue certain fields because people will not hire them as they cannot be trusted with undertaking positions where there is high stakes decision-making.
Use of the term leads to the erroneous belief that applicants and petitioners, rather than the American people, are whom we ultimately serve.
Perhaps there's the erroneous belief that young adult writing is 'low-class', not the high-brow stuff of literary analysis.
Like McCorvey, many have held the erroneous belief that early pregnancy yielded nothing more than a lifeless mass of tissue with no human value.
FOLLOWING the erroneous belief of many Nigerians that laws are made to be broken with impunity, the Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, in one of his satiric works, refers to Nigeria as a land of law and disorder.
operates on the erroneous belief that the court is precluded from determining the existence of probable cause (or the lack thereof) in the absence of a motion to such effect filed by him,' it added.
There is still a very strong but erroneous belief among many Serbs, especially in Bosnia, that they were wronged and are the actual victims.
In service of that erroneous belief, I've seen soaking wet dogs put in uninsulated crates in the back of pickups when the temperature was hovering below freezing, dogs forced to hunt when they were clearly suffering from the cold.
Labour's Jeremy Corbyn was right to call out May's erroneous belief that she could protect the public on the cheap.
when rates are low," said Rusnak, about correcting this erroneous belief.
Furthermore, Arab rulers work on encouraging this erroneous belief in an effort to deflect some of their citizens' criticism.