erucic acid

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e·ru·cic acid

A monounsaturated fatty acid, C22H42O2, making up 40 to 50 percent of the total fatty acid in rapeseed, wallflower seed, and mustard seed, used in manufacturing cosmetics and photographic emulsions and films and as a lubricant.

[From New Latin Ērūca, arugula genus (from the fact that erucic acid is generally abundant in oil from the seeds of members of the mustard family such as arugula), from Latin ērūca, arugula.]
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erucic acid

(Plants) a crystalline fatty acid derived from the oils of rapeseed, mustard seed, and wallflower seed
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e•ru′cic ac′id

(ɪˈru sɪk)
a solid fatty acid, a homologue of oleic acid, derived from oils of mustard seed and rapeseed.
[1865–70; < New Latin Eruc(a) the rocket genus (Latin ērūca; compare rocket2) + -ic]
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Although it might be politically unrealistic to expect that people will unquestioningly eat tiny quantities of biopharmed crops the way they regularly consume erucic acid, there is no scientific or medical objection to their doing so.
But animal studies of long-term consumption of rapeseed oil linked one of its constituents, erucic acid, to heart lesions.
Toxicity of erucic acid for rats and pigs was shown by Roine et al.
Despite the decrease in VLCFA, clinical studies have indicated that LO failed to stop the progressive demyelination, suggesting that erucic acid, the active component of LO, did not cross the blood brain barrier (BBB).
There is very low cholesterol and erucic acid in it.
Dietary erucic acid (C22:1) therapy may help prevent neurological deterioration in presymptomatic boys [5, 6].
Morris notes that winged beans, aside from being a source of lectin, also contain erucic acid (an antitumor medication) and polyunsaturated fatty acids that can be used to treat acne and eczema.
Therefore, the performance of meadowfoam oil factice, in three natural rubber mixes, was compared to high erucic acid rape-seed oil and soybean oil factices that had similar physical properties.
This conference consisted mostly of papers aimed at determining whether or not the fatty acids in partially hydrogenated fish oil contained sufficient harmful fatty acids (i.e., erucic acid) to make them unsafe for use in margarine.
Crambe can be used as an oil plant for industrial purposes due to the high erucic acid content of its seeds (Grombacher et al., 1993).
In addition, canola which is acultivar of rapeseed was bred through standard plant breeding techniques to have low levels of erucic acid (<2%) and glucosinolates (<30 [micro]mol/g) [4].