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1. A marinade made with olive oil, vinegar, spices, and other ingredients, used for preserving fish and sometimes poultry.
2. Fish or poultry that has been fried or poached and then soaked in such a marinade, usually served cold.

[Spanish, from Arabic sikbāj, meat cooked in vinegar; see ceviche.]
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(Cookery) (in Mexican cookery) pickled vegetables such as onions, carrots, jalapeño peppers, and garlic, typically served with fish
[Spanish: pickled]
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Carl Ruiz makes an escabeche with a special secret sweet ingredient - roasted papaya.
For the Philippines, there are dishes from different regions (paksiw, escabeche, relleno, pesa, sinigang, en tocho, suwam, kinilaw).
Leave the biya for the escabeche. The dalag and the buan-buan for the pesa, the dalag will last longer.
Next up was a biodynamic 2015 Montagny Premier Cru from Domaine du Clos Salomon, accompanied by red mullet escabeche. The crisp freshness of the wine sat well with the vinegar notes of the escabeche.
Escabeche, another way of preparing fishfirst marinating it in vinegar, and then frying itis a distinctly Jewish notion that preceded ceviche.
Pork at buro and lumpiang Shanghai with vinegar and sweet chili sauce were served as the second course, pritong escabeche and sinigang na hipon for the third course, and kare-kare, lamb adobo and sinangag for the main course.
lemonfish), served cool after a pass through a lightly-acidic marinade that turned the dish into escabeche. (That's a concept popular in the Caribbean.)
A delicate crab nibble to begin, followed by Jersey mackerel escabeche for me and some beautiful scallops for my partner were just perfect.
I had a delicate crab nibble to begin, followed by Jersey mackerel escabeche for me, then a well named Jersey brill with a lobster bisque that had me wanting to lick the plate (
Tuna belly escabeche with local fruit and vegetables for a second course served at the Harvest for Hope' dinner.
The origin of the word is Spanish - escabeche - a reminder of the Spanish influence in Italian cooking, and dishes cooked alla scapece are often typical of port towns in which this influence first arrived with hungry merchant sailors.