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 (ĕs′kə-drĭl′, -drē′)
A unit of a European air command, as in France during World War I, typically containing ten or more aircraft.

[French, from Spanish escuadrilla, diminutive of escuadra, squadron, from escuadrar, to square off, from Vulgar Latin *exquadrāre; see square.]
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(ˌɛskəˈdrɪl; French ɛskadrij)
1. (Aeronautics) a French squadron of aircraft, esp in World War I
2. (Nautical Terms) a small squadron of ships
[from French: flotilla, from Spanish escuadrilla, from escuadra squadron]
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(ˌɛs kəˈdrɪl, -ˈdri, ˈɛs kəˌdrɪl, -ˌdri)

a squadron or divisional unit of airplanes.
[1910–15; < French: flotilla, Middle French < Sp escuadrilla, diminutive of escuadra squadron]
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 a squadron of war vessels, usually eight in number—Webster.
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Noun1.escadrille - a small squadron
squadron - a naval unit that is detached from the fleet for a particular task
2.escadrille - an air force squadron typically containing six airplanes (as in France during World War I)
squadron - an air force unit larger than a flight and smaller than a group
France, French Republic - a republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe
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I graduated under Curtiss, and after a long siege with my father obtained his permission to try for the Lafayette Escadrille. As a stepping-stone I obtained an appointment in the American ambulance service and was on my way to France when three shrill whistles altered, in as many seconds, my entire scheme of life.
In December, 1916, concerns over the United States' neutrality led to the unit's name being changed to the Lafayette Escadrille, in a veiled attempt to mask American involvement in the war.
Kiffin Rockwell, the Lafayette Escadrille and the Birth of the United States Air Force by T.
"One was George Kull, who was in the La Fayette Escadrille flight group in France because apparently the U.S.
Caption: French Fusiliers Commandos de i'Air on ceremonial duty with their FAMAS rifles at the Lafayette Escadrille Monument in Paris; note that French troops normally have their bayonets mounted for parade duty.
The films included such war dramas as "Battle Cry" (with Van Heflin) and "Lafayette Escadrille" (Clint Eastwood in a small role).
During those years, Hynes and his friends had imaginations "full of World War I flying images" that they had gathered from movies like Wings and Dawn Patrol, and from stories they had read about the Lafayette Escadrille, and from pulp magazines like G-8 and his Battle Aces.
Among his topics are World War I begins, training in the French Foreign Legion, the creation of the Lafayette Escadrille, passing the torch, the dawn of American air power, and the legacy of the Lafayette Escadrille.
In April 1916 an entire fighter squadron, escadrille N.124, was formed out of American volunteers, save for the commander, Capitaine Georges Thenault, and his deputy, Lieutenant Alfred de Laage de Meux.
Capitaine Brocard, commander of Escadrille (squadron) N.3, the Storks, described Guynemer as "my most brilliant Stork." Less than a year later, Guynemer was promoted to captain and commander of the Storks squadron.
1949), Lafayette Escadrille (1958), and We Were Soldiers (2002) link American GIs and baseball.
McConnell, Flying for France: With the American Escadrille at Verdun (New York: Doubleday, 1917) pp.