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 (ĕs′kə-drĭl′, -drē′)
A unit of a European air command, as in France during World War I, typically containing ten or more aircraft.

[French, from Spanish escuadrilla, diminutive of escuadra, squadron, from escuadrar, to square off, from Vulgar Latin *exquadrāre; see square.]
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(ˌɛskəˈdrɪl; French ɛskadrij)
1. (Aeronautics) a French squadron of aircraft, esp in World War I
2. (Nautical Terms) a small squadron of ships
[from French: flotilla, from Spanish escuadrilla, from escuadra squadron]
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(ˌɛs kəˈdrɪl, -ˈdri, ˈɛs kəˌdrɪl, -ˌdri)

a squadron or divisional unit of airplanes.
[1910–15; < French: flotilla, Middle French < Sp escuadrilla, diminutive of escuadra squadron]
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 a squadron of war vessels, usually eight in number—Webster.
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Noun1.escadrille - a small squadron
squadron - a naval unit that is detached from the fleet for a particular task
2.escadrille - an air force squadron typically containing six airplanes (as in France during World War I)
squadron - an air force unit larger than a flight and smaller than a group
France, French Republic - a republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe
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I graduated under Curtiss, and after a long siege with my father obtained his permission to try for the Lafayette Escadrille. As a stepping-stone I obtained an appointment in the American ambulance service and was on my way to France when three shrill whistles altered, in as many seconds, my entire scheme of life.
Selon la meme source, il a ete procede au deploiement de dispositifs fixes et mobiles composes d'unites territoriales renforcees par des Sections de Securite et d'Intervention, des brigades cynophiles, des escadrilles aeriennes pour securiser et controler les regions qui connaissent un grand flux d'estivants ainsi que les lieux enclaves et non surveilles qui risquent d'attirer les delinquants.
Although the LFC volunteers greeted the news with cheers, most of them doubted that their country would be swift in mobilizing its forces in the near future, and continued the process of working their way into French escadrilles.
Dans une chronique du 20 decembre 1921, le correspondant de guerre de Herlado de Madrid encensait l'aviation avec ces termes : Nos escadrilles d'aviation bombardaient les champs et villages des moros, semant ainsi la terreur et la confusion au sein des villageois.
A resonne ensuite le communique numero 2 des Forces armees le 6 octobre indiquant que certaines escadrilles d'avions ont bombarde les postes de l'ennemi dans les territoires occupes.
Within weeks of the near catastrophe on the Marne, Commanding Gen Joseph Joffre signed headquarters note S23 authorizing aerial bombardment, with escadrilles (squadrons) V14 and V21 becoming the first bomber units.
Nuclear-powered carrier Charles de Gaulle (R 91), embarking 16 Super Etendard strike and reconnaissance aircraft, 10 Rafale M interceptors, two E-2C Group 2 Hawkeyes and one or more escadrilles (similar to dets) of at least two AS 565MA Panther helos, though additional helos can be temporarily accommodated.
Despite resistance from some Americans associated with the Lafayette Flying Corps, by late August Corporal Bullard was assigned to fly fighters with the French Escadrilles Spa 93 and Spa 85, probably obtaining two victories.(2) He flamboyantly styled himself "The Black Swallow of Death" after the 170th Regiment's nickname, emblazoned his SPAD with a dripping dagger piercing a heart with the, legend "Tout le Sang qui coule est rouge!" ("All Blood Runs Red!"), and flew with a spider monkey as a mascot.
Les escadrilles d'helicopteres de la Gendarmerie Nationale, positionnees a travers le territoire national, "executent un programme de sorties aeriennes speciales, pour assurer le renfort aux unites activant sur le terrain, contribuer a la surveillance generale du territoire et les lieux de rassemblement des citoyens et garantir un controle aerien des routes susceptible d'assurer une gestion effective de la circulation routiere".