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The world is in such a mess right now, what's wrong with a bit of escapism to lift the mood?
It is possible to give the answer in one word: escapism. Surprisingly, a good section of people in the so-called developed world are looking for a vehicle to escape the realities of life.
The article christens Newcastle as 'the riverside revival city' and describes the city's Quayside as "a reimagined riverside for urban escapism".
STACEY Dooley has said she is enjoying her stint on Strictly Come Dancing because it is "total escapism" from tough TV documentaries.
STACEY Dooley says she is enjoying Strictly Come Dancing acclaim because it is "total escapism" from tough TV documentaries.
A former shop worker pocketed [pounds sterling]6,000 from the takings at an e-cigarette store to spend on "escapism at clubs", a court heard.
It is promised that Scott will take us on an odyssey charting the choppy waters of youth in a blisteringly funny hour about the escapism and hedonism of travel.
Daughter of a great escapologist, Miyu is trained in the art of escapism, but she is not thrilled with Matties request to teach her the art.
Escapism from our real life challenges is a very bad way to cope with the bad situations in life.