escrow funds

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Noun1.escrow funds - funds held in escrow
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Universal Title is accused of mishandling customers' escrow funds and using them for business-related expenses.
Hold or held unclaimed escrow funds rather than turning the money over to the state.
A new trend in handling real estate down payment escrow funds, providing "down payment insurance" for home buyers and sellers, has been introduced by Escrow Services of New York (ESNY), headquartered in Rockville Centre on Long Island.
The Working Interest Owner ("Owner"), under the terms of the Trust Conveyance, is permitted to escrow funds up to 125% of the estimated future costs such as dismantlement costs and capital expenditures for the properties in which the Trust has an interest (Special Cost Escrow).
His 48-year-old wife, who was the company's licensee, pleaded no contest to the unauthorized disbursement of escrow funds.
When FIE is named escrow agent, it immediately takes full responsibility for the escrow funds, Halpern explained.