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A long, narrow, steep-sided ridge of coarse sand and gravel deposited by a stream flowing in or under a melting sheet of glacial ice. Also called os3.

[Irish Gaelic eiscir, from Old Irish escir.]


(ˈɛskə) or


(Geological Science) a long winding ridge of gravel, sand, etc, originally deposited by a meltwater stream running under a glacier. Also called: os
[C19: from Old Irish escir ridge]


(ˈɛs kər)

a serpentine ridge of gravelly and sandy drift, formed by glacial meltwater.
[1850–55; < Irish eiscir]


A long, narrow ridge of coarse sand and gravel deposited by a stream flowing in or under a melting sheet of glacial ice.
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Noun1.esker - (geology) a long winding ridge of post glacial gravel and other sediment; deposited by meltwater from glaciers or ice sheets
geology - a science that deals with the history of the earth as recorded in rocks
ridge - a long narrow natural elevation or striation
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But the lumpy gentleman, unwilling to give it up, again madly said, 'ESKER,' and again spake no more.
Previous exploration campaigns by the Company have returned esker and till samples results of up to 250 and 100 kimberlitic indicator mineral grains per sample respectively.
He and wife Bridget dropped middle child Shane off to the local golf club, Esker Hills, every day.
SHANE LOWRY'S Open triumph sent his home club of Esker Hills in the Republic of Ireland into meltdown.
ESKER GIN TASTING MONDAY, 7PM-10PM, THE CRAFSTMAN COMPANY, GUILD STREET 3 Julia Wishart, Esker brand ambassador, will guide you through a selection of G&Ts plus a cocktail especially developed for the event.
This preserve features the last remnant of the Kaneville Esker, a winding ridge of gravel and rocks created by a river of water flowing underneath a melting glacier some 13,000 years ago.
Currently, Cheryl serves as director of OEM Sales at Esker Inc in Madison, WI.
Boxer Esker out Boxer Hakan Esker was beaten in the opening bout of the Men's Light Welter class (64kg) by Kyrgyzstan's Nurlan Kobshev 0-5.
Scottsdale, AZ, January 10, 2018 --( Optima ECM Consulting, a global implementation organization, announced today its partnership with Esker, a worldwide leader in document process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing.
NewVoiceMedia, a global provider of cloud contact center and inside sales technology that enables businesses to have more successful conversations, has announced that Esker has transformed its customer service experience and improved operational efficiencies with its ContactWorld for Service platform, the company said.
CONGRATULATIONS to Paige Risker on returning home from Ireland with a silver medal from the Esker All Female Box Cup.