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also oe·soph·a·gus (ĭ-sŏf′ə-gəs)
n. pl. e·soph·a·gi (-jī′, -gī′) also oe·soph·a·gi
The muscular tube by which food passes from the pharynx to the stomach; the gullet.

[Middle English isophagus, from Medieval Latin ēsophagus, from Greek oisophagos, arbitrary medical coinage perhaps from ois- : future tense stem of pherein, to carry; see oit- in Indo-European roots + -phagos, food (unattested sense) (from phagein, to eat; see bhag- in Indo-European roots).]

e·soph′a·ge′al (-jē′əl) adj.
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(ɪˌsɒf əˈdʒi əl, ˌi səˈfædʒ i əl)

pertaining to the esophagus.
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Adj.1.esophageal - relating to the esophagus
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a. esofágico-a, rel. al esófago;
___ dilatationdilatación ___;
___ dysphagiadisfagia esofágica;
___ obstructionobstrucción ___;
___ pilesvárices ___-as;
___ scintigraphycintigrafía ___;
___ spasmespasmo ___.
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adj esofágico
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