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also oe·soph·a·gus (ĭ-sŏf′ə-gəs)
n. pl. e·soph·a·gi (-jī′, -gī′) also oe·soph·a·gi
The muscular tube by which food passes from the pharynx to the stomach; the gullet.

[Middle English isophagus, from Medieval Latin ēsophagus, from Greek oisophagos, arbitrary medical coinage perhaps from ois- : future tense stem of pherein, to carry; see oit- in Indo-European roots + -phagos, food (unattested sense) (from phagein, to eat; see bhag- in Indo-European roots).]

e·soph′a·ge′al (-jē′əl) adj.
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(ɪˌsɒf əˈdʒi əl, ˌi səˈfædʒ i əl)

pertaining to the esophagus.
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Adj.1.esophageal - relating to the esophagus
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a. esofágico-a, rel. al esófago;
___ dilatationdilatación ___;
___ dysphagiadisfagia esofágica;
___ obstructionobstrucción ___;
___ pilesvárices ___-as;
___ scintigraphycintigrafía ___;
___ spasmespasmo ___.
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adj esofágico
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The contraindications included the following: (i) facial and skull base fractures, (ii) esophageal obstruction, (iii) esophageal varices, and (iv) esophageal diverticulum.
In terms of clinical applications, the RFA-induced BES animal model induces short segment stricture and would thus benefit studies on certain types of esophageal strictures, such as anastomosis site strictures and esophageal obstruction by cancer.
Esophageal obstruction in cattle commonly occur at pharynx, cranial aspect of cervical esophagus, thoracic inlet or base of heart.
The various mechanisms of dysphagia are mechanical compression causing esophageal obstruction, pharyngoesophageal irritation, and a local inflammatory response resulting in cricopharyngeal spasm and esophageal denervation [8].
The simultaneous presence of the aforementioned structures did not explain the extent of esophageal obstruction. The possibility of a vascular ring was thus entertained.
Current recommendations for emergent endoscopy include complete esophageal obstruction, disk batteries, and sharp objects but not to mention cigarette lighters [2].
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The medical literature has described several cases of esophageal obstruction due to bezoars with no previous warnings.
Silicone-covered wallstent prototypes for palliation of malignant esophageal obstruction and digestive-respiratory fistulas.
The appearance of esophageal obstruction due to foreign bodies on CT is variable given the variety of objects that can be ingested (Figures 3-5).
A controlled trial of an expansile metal stent for palliation of esophageal obstruction due to inoperable cancer.
When the object is sharp and long, or if there are signs of esophageal obstruction, urgent and sometimes emergent intervention to remove a foreign body should be done.