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n. esofagectomía, excisión de una porción del esófago.
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Nearly 10 percent of patients with chronic heartburn develop Barrett's Esophagus and endoscopic management may help reduce the potential for an esophagectomy, a more invasive and costly surgery.
For esophagectomy, the least common operation, the weight placed on mortality with another, related operation (colon resection) was higher than the weight placed on its own mortality (29 versus 14 percent).
The cost estimate for RFA, for example, was $6,400, and the cost of esophagectomy was $25,882.
Endoscopic therapy is increasingly important in replacing esophagectomy in patients with HGD and early carcinoma.
Specialists from the UK and India working in a variety of medical areas discuss developments, management, and new therapies in general surgery; breast, cardiac, general pediatric, laparoscopic, and plastic surgery; varicose veins; soft tissue sarcomas; melanoma; blunt abdominal trauma; gastro-esophageal reflux disease; and minimally invasive gastrectomy and esophagectomy.
The need for clinicians to apply their own experience to their individual patients' needs can be well illustrated in the use of the chin tuck for patients with dysphagia who have had an esophagectomy.
Three months earlier, he had undergone an esophagectomy with gastric interposition ("gastric pull-up").
This unfortunate woman had undergone an esophagectomy with intestinal pull-through interposition 5 years earlier, and was currently in the middle of a course of irradiation for suspected recurrence in the mediastinal nodes.
ICU nurse to patient ratio is associated with complications and resource use after esophagectomy.
3) In addition to primary repair with or without flap, alternative treatment strategies include exclusion and diversion of the perforation with or without T-tube drainage, and esophagectomy.
When his group compared highest- and lowest-volume hospitals in that study, pancreatic resection and esophagectomy produced the greatest differences in absolute risk of mortality, at 12.