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pl.n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb)
Esoteric matters or items.

[Greek esōterika, from neuter pl. of esōterikos, esoteric; see esoteric.]
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pl n
esoteric items
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(ˌɛs əˈtɛr ɪ kə)
esoteric facts or matters.
[1925–30; < New Latin, n. use of neuter pl. of Greek esōterikós esoteric]
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a collection of items of a special, rare, novel, or unusual quality.
See also: Novelty
a collection of items of special, rare, or unusual interest, often pornographic.
See also: Collections and Collecting
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Noun1.esoterica - secrets known only to an initiated minority
arcanum, secret - information known only to a special group; "the secret of Cajun cooking"
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In his 12 years (highlighted by his finishing second runner-up in the ABS-CBN talent search Pinoy Dream Academy with Jay-R Siaboc as first runner-up and Yeng Constantino as Grand Star Dreamer), Ronnie recorded five albums, appeared in a musical (Bituing Walang Ningning), did concerts here and abroad, and starred in some films (Mano Po 4: Ako Legal Wife in which he used the screen name Sean Gutierrez; Esoterica Manila by T-Rex which also produced his fourth album Songs of Love; Fangirl/Fanboy as a K-Pop idol; 100 Tula Para Kay Stella; and the forthcoming Abay Babes), the last four produced by Viva with which Ronnie is a contract talent.
And Macomber is always good for esoterica, handily filling in background details.
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Speaking of challenges, he top-bills Elwood Perez's independently produced film Esoterica Manila, which will be shown at the Cinemalaya film fest next month.
With his death this week at age 78, the world indeed lost one of its finest chroniclers; a master weaver of cogent narratives composed of numerous small lives and esoterica enveloping larger-than-life figures and epochs.
It grew out of Ebenstein's private collection of over 2,000 books on death rituals, the human body and esoterica.
While probing endless logologico-mathematical esoterica for an article on Extreme Number Names we explored shiftgrams of number names cardinal, ordinal and Roman on Dave's lettershift calculator (described in Alphabet Avenue, p.111).