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n. pl. es·par·tos
Either of two tough, wiry grasses (Stipa tenacissima or Lygeum spartum) of northern Africa and southern Europe, yielding fiber used in making paper and as cordage.

[Spanish, from Latin spartum, from Greek sparton, rope.]


(ɛˈspɑːtəʊ) or

esparto grass

n, pl -tos
(Plants) any of various grasses, esp Stipa tenacissima of S Europe and N Africa, that yield a fibre used to make ropes, mats, etc. Also called: halfa
[C18: from Spanish, via Latin from Greek sparton rope made of rushes, from spartos a kind of rush]


(ɪˈspɑr toʊ)

n., pl. -tos.
any of several grasses, esp. Stipa tenacissima, of S Europe and N Africa, used for making paper, cordage, etc.
Also called espar′to grass`.
[1585–95; < Sp < Latin spartum < Greek spárton rope made of spártos kind of rush]


[eˈspɑːtəʊ] Nesparto m
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Cigarette paper is prepared from lightweight non-wood plant fibres, which include hemp, flax, sisal, esparto and rice straw.
To create this special Easter treat, Muscat grapes are first sun dried for 10-15 days on specialised "esparto" dry grass, a species created from grasses of North Africa and southern Europe.
Esparto was brought to the Baypointe Hospital and Medical Center two blocks away where doctors later pronounced him in stable condition.
Al amigo, que casualmente empezara a darle consejos, el autor le dice estas palabras: "Porque como quereis vos que no me tenga confuso el que dira el antiguo legislador que llaman vulgo cuando vea que, al cabo de tantos anos como ha que duermo en el silencio del olvido, salgo ahora, con todos mis anos a cuestas, con una leyenda seca como un esparto, ajena de invencion" (11).
For example, in case of HS 09 (i.e., wood, cork and articles; basketware), there are 3 goods at HS 4 level [i.e., HS 0944 (wood and articles of wood; wood charcoal), HS 0945 (cork and articles of cork), and HS 0946 (manufactures of straw, of esparto or of other plaiting materials; basketware and wickerwork)], and only 1 of 3 (HS 0944) is covered by TBT.
For example, Coke Farms in San Juan Bautista, Abundant Harvest Organics in Kingsburg, Capay Valley Farm Shop in Esparto and Harvest Santa Barbara are technically food hubs that add value to the supply chain by aggregating and distributing product from local farmers.