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chiefly, particularly: Winter is especially hard on older people.
Not to be confused with:
specially – specifically: The dress was specially designed for the occasion.
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 (ĕ-spĕsh′ə-lē, ĭ-spĕsh′-)
To an extent or degree deserving of special emphasis; particularly.
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1. in particular; specifically: for everyone's sake, especially your children's.
2. very much: especially useful for vegans.
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(ɪˈspɛʃ ə li)

1. to an exceptional degree; particularly; markedly: Be especially watchful.
2. in particular; preeminently; above all.
3. for a particular purpose; specifically: designed especially for you.
usage: See special.
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1. 'especially'

You use especially to show that what you are saying applies more to one thing or situation than to others.

He was kind to his staff, especially those who were sick or in trouble.
Double ovens are a good idea, especially if you are cooking several meals at once.
These changes are especially important to small businesses.

When especially relates to the subject of a sentence, you put it immediately after the subject.

Young babies, especially, are vulnerable to colds.

You can also use especially in front of an adjective to emphasize a characteristic or quality.

I found her laugh especially annoying.
2. 'specially'

You use specially to say that something is done or made for a particular purpose.

They'd come down specially to see us.
She wore a specially designed costume.
The school is specially for children whose schooling has been disrupted by illness.
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Adv.1.especially - to a distinctly greater extent or degree than is common; "he was particularly fussy about spelling"; "a particularly gruesome attack"; "under peculiarly tragic circumstances"; "an especially (or specially) cautious approach to the danger"
2.especially - in a special manner; "a specially arranged dinner"
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1. notably, largely, chiefly, mainly, mostly, principally, strikingly, conspicuously, outstandingly, Esp (S.M.S.) The group is said to be gaining support, especially in the rural areas.
2. very, specially, particularly, signally, extremely, remarkably, unusually, exceptionally, extraordinarily, markedly, supremely, uncommonly, Esp (S.M.S.) Giving up smoking can be especially difficult.
3. particularly, expressly, exclusively, precisely, specifically, uniquely, peculiarly, singularly, Esp (S.M.S.) The system we design will be especially for you.
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خُصُوصاًخُصوصا، بِصِفَةٍ خاصَّه
mai ales
đặc biệt là


[ɪsˈpeʃəlɪ] ADV
1. (= particularly) → especialmente
especially in summer/when it rainsespecialmente or sobre todo en verano/cuando llueve
why me, especially?¿por qué yo precisamente?
2. (= expressly) → especialmente
I came especially to see youvine especialmente para verte
to do sth especially for sb/sthhacer algo especialmente para algn/algo
3. (= more than usually) [important, difficult, sensitive] → especialmente, particularmente
she did especially well in her French examel examen de francés le fue especialmente or particularmente bien
"is she pretty?" - "not especially"-¿es guapa? -no especialmente
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[ɪˈspɛʃəli] adv
(= above all) → surtout
It's very hot there, especially in the summer → Il fait très chaud là-bas, surtout en été.
(= particularly) → particulièrement
(= specifically) → spécialement, exprès
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(= particularly)besonders; I especially liked the beginningder Anfang hat mir besonders gut gefallen; to try especially hardsich besonders viel Mühe geben; not especiallynicht besonders; (more) especially as …besonders or vor allem, weil …; especially in summervor allem im Sommer; you especially ought to knowgerade du solltest das wissen; why Jim especially?warum ausgerechnet or gerade Jim?
(= specifically)speziell, eigens; I came especially to see youich bin eigens gekommen, um dich zu sehen; to do something especially for somebody/somethingetw speziell or extra für jdn/etw tun
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[ɪsˈpɛʃlɪ] adv (particularly) → particolarmente; (above all) → soprattutto, specialmente; (expressly) → appositamente, espressamente
it is especially difficult → è particolarmente difficile
especially when it rains → soprattutto quando piove
why me, especially? → perché proprio io?
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(iˈspeʃəl) adjective
more than the ordinary; particular. You must treat this with especial care.
eˈspecially adverb
particularly. These insects are quite common, especially in hot countries.
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خُصُوصاً zvláště specielt besonders ιδιαίτερα especialmente erityisesti spécialement posebno specialmente 特に 특히 vooral særlig szczególnie especialmente особенно särskilt โดยเฉพาะอย่างยิ่ง özellikle đặc biệt là 尤其
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This study in turn should aim first at an understanding of the literature as an expression of the authors' views of life and of their personalities and especially as a portrayal and interpretation of the life of their periods and of all life as they have seen it; it should aim further at an
It used to be extremely prominent at one time, and was the cause of much misery to myself and discomfort to every one about me--my lady friends especially complained most bitterly about it.
Sometimes I feel rather lonely, especially in the evening; but I generally manage to interest myself in something or in some one.
I cannot easily resolve on anything so serious as marriage; especially as I am not at present in want of money, and might perhaps, till the old gentleman's death, be very little benefited by the match.
Howsoever he noteth it right, that seditious tumults, and seditious fames, differ no more but as brother and sister, masculine and feminine; especially if it come to that, that the best actions of a state, and the most plausible, and which ought to give greatest contentment, are taken in ill sense, and traduced: for that shows the envy great, as Tacitus saith; conflata magna invidia, seu bene seu male gesta premunt.
As for food, however, they got on pretty well, for they had a good supply of ammunition, and the oasis was frequented, especially at night, by large quantities of game, which came thither for water.
But Sloane was blissfully ignorant; he thought he was quite a fine fellow to be walking with two such coeds, especially Philippa Gordon, the class beauty and belle.
Well, it would be nice all the same to have your company a few miles, especially as it's growing dark," she added.
Both the good women kept strict silence during the whole scene between Mr Allworthy and the girl; but as soon as it was ended, and that gentleman was out of hearing, Mrs Deborah could not help exclaiming against the clemency of her master, and especially against his suffering her to conceal the father of the child, which she swore she would have out of her before the sun set.
And because we know little, therefore are we pleased from the heart with the poor in spirit, especially when they are young women!
On the one hand, many psychologists, especially those of the behaviourist school, tend to adopt what is essentially a materialistic position, as a matter of method if not of metaphysics.
Strange as it may appear, it was with the household, the family, that Konstantin Levin was in love, especially with the feminine half of the household.