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Noun1.espresso maker - a coffee maker that forces live steam under pressure through dark roasted coffee groundsespresso maker - a coffee maker that forces live steam under pressure through dark roasted coffee grounds
coffee maker - a kitchen appliance for brewing coffee automatically
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Color is a draw for this particular espresso maker because it is designed for a demographic that embraces home-design trends, and is very fashion-forward," McCann said.
At home, except for electric home espresso machines, which come in varying degrees of quality and reliability, the only way to make authentic Italian-style espresso is with a real stovetop espresso maker.
The new products are the Cuisinart Espresso Maker and the Cuisinart Programmable Espresso Maker, and the brand is targeting its traditional coffeemaker customer base of department stores and specialty stores.
Brikka is the first and only stovetop espresso maker to produce rich foam or "crema.
Thus appeared the first electric in-home espresso maker, the Gilda.
As Americans become more aware of and sophisticated about coffee, the stovetop espresso maker is on its way to becoming a staple in American households as well.
The E61 was the first espresso maker to use a water pump.
De'Longhi has introduced the Gran Dama fully automatic espresso maker as the company's new flagship product in this category.
Educate your customers so they understand that they can brew their own coffeehouse favorites with a variety of machines, including the old Italian standard--the stovetop espresso maker.
And just like a high-quality cookware or cutlery set or stand mixer, a nice espresso maker is a [bridal] registry must-have.
The traditional espresso maker requires the consumer to understand a whole host of variables -- from proper grind to tamping to extraction -- in order to produce a cafe-quality espresso.