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Liveliness of mind or spirit; wittiness or sprightliness.

[French, from Latin spīritus, spirit; see spirit.]


spirit and liveliness, esp in wit
[C16: from French, from Latin spīritus a breathing, spirit1]



1. sprightliness of spirit or wit; lively intelligence.
[1585–95; < French < Latin spīritus spirit]
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Noun1.esprit - liveliness of mind or spirit
sprightliness, liveliness, spirit, life - animation and energy in action or expression; "it was a heavy play and the actors tried in vain to give life to it"


noun spirit, wit, sparkle, vitality, animation, verve, zest, élan, brio, quickness, vivacity, liveliness, sprightliness The wonderful esprit of this orchestra is quite unique.


1. A lively, emphatic, eager quality or manner:
Informal: ginger, pep, peppiness.
Slang: oomph.
2. A strong sense of enthusiasm and dedication to a common goal that unites a group:
References in classic literature ?
I know there are those who will sneer at the supposition of a pocket-handkerchief possessing any mind, or esprit, at all; but let such have patience and read on, when I hope it will be in my power to demonstrate their error.
At the same instant, rallied by the esprit de corps, all the comrades of the conquered man fell upon the conqueror.
She was a bel esprit, and a dreadful Radical for those days.
It's not that I don't approve of the Mingotts' esprit de corps; but why Newland's engagement should be mixed up with that Olenska woman's comings and goings I don't see," Mrs.
Raoul remained silent, for he was not prepared for the dignity of the bel esprit.
Not to a man of esprit, like monsieur, an admirer of beauty in every form
I have been doing odds and ends at Avignon, at Pont Esprit, at Lyons; upon the Rhone, upon the Saone.
New Delhi [India], Sep 28 ( ANI ): India's largest platform for fashion and lifestyle Myntra has announced receiving approval for master distribution and management rights for famed international casual fashion brand - Esprit.
16 December 2016 - UK-based venture capital firm Draper Esprit plc (AIM: GROW) (ESM: GRW) has closed the sale of its portfolio company Qosmos to Swedish network software platforms and services supplier ENEA, the company said.
In the future, the European Esprit branch offices will be using Hytera's analog radio TC?
In 1988, Esprit de Corps put down its roots in the seatback pockets of Canadian Armed Forces aircraft.
With 21 stores in Saudi, eight in the UAE, three in Egypt, two stores in Lebanon and one each in Kuwait and Bahrain, Esprit has plans to expand its presence in the region over the next few years, said a senior official.