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Liveliness of mind or spirit; wittiness or sprightliness.

[French, from Latin spīritus, spirit; see spirit.]


spirit and liveliness, esp in wit
[C16: from French, from Latin spīritus a breathing, spirit1]



1. sprightliness of spirit or wit; lively intelligence.
[1585–95; < French < Latin spīritus spirit]
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Noun1.esprit - liveliness of mind or spirit
sprightliness, liveliness, spirit, life - animation and energy in action or expression; "it was a heavy play and the actors tried in vain to give life to it"


noun spirit, wit, sparkle, vitality, animation, verve, zest, élan, brio, quickness, vivacity, liveliness, sprightliness The wonderful esprit of this orchestra is quite unique.


1. A lively, emphatic, eager quality or manner:
Informal: ginger, pep, peppiness.
Slang: oomph.
2. A strong sense of enthusiasm and dedication to a common goal that unites a group:
References in classic literature ?
Raoul remained silent, for he was not prepared for the dignity of the bel esprit.
I know there are those who will sneer at the supposition of a pocket-handkerchief possessing any mind, or esprit, at all; but let such have patience and read on, when I hope it will be in my power to demonstrate their error.
At the same instant, rallied by the esprit de corps, all the comrades of the conquered man fell upon the conqueror.
Not to a man of esprit, like monsieur, an admirer of beauty in every form
It's not that I don't approve of the Mingotts' esprit de corps; but why Newland's engagement should be mixed up with that Olenska woman's comings and goings I don't see," Mrs.
She was a bel esprit, and a dreadful Radical for those days.
I have been doing odds and ends at Avignon, at Pont Esprit, at Lyons; upon the Rhone, upon the Saone.
Detailed information on Esprit Holdings Limited required for business and competitor intelligence needs
Esprit, 43, of Staines Middlesex, has denied all the charges.
Esprit CEO Garr Winters stated, "This is an announcement that may well have profound impact on Esprit moving forward.
executive vice president, represented ESPRIT in the deals,
Jim Burton, MD of Esprit, said: "You can also expect to see the group continuing to grow through further mergers and acquisitions as Esprit achieves its goal of building a new UK-based force in the information solutions marketplace.