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Spasmodic winking caused by the involuntary contraction of an eyelid muscle.


(Pathology) spasm of the muscle of the eyelids, causing the eyes to shut tightly, either as a response to painful stimuli or occurring as a form of dystonia
[C19: from Greek blepharo(n) eyelid + spasm]
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Noun1.blepharospasm - spasm of the eyelid muscle resulting in closure of the eyeblepharospasm - spasm of the eyelid muscle resulting in closure of the eye
cramp, muscle spasm, spasm - a painful and involuntary muscular contraction
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Schirmer test, although the oldest test used in dry eye diagnosis, should be avoided in patients with benign essential blepharospasm because of questionable performing it correctly.
She was diagnosed with essential blepharospasm and started on trihexyphenidyl 6 milligrams per day.
Essential blepharospasm is a focal cranial dystonia involving the eyelids and forehead muscles.
13) Photophobia in one form of blepharospasm, that is, benign essential blepharospasm (BEB), appears to be associated with abnormal hyperactivity of the thalamus of the brain which then causes excessive blinking.
Reeves RR, Liberto V Treatment of essential blepharospasm with quetiapine.
otulinum toxin in patients suffering from Benign Essential Blepharospasm (BEB).

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