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The offshore basket, a special container made of steel, was used to transport drill pipes, casing, tools and other essential cargo.
Remove trucking altogether and essential cargo would not arrive to our doorsteps at all.
The next day, air crew aboard the Hercules arrived in Matthew Town, Great Inagua, with the essential cargo load.
That freezing keeps the Coast Guard's fleet of nine icebreakers busy clearing paths for vessels hauling essential cargo such as heating oil, salt and coal.
The command is also reducing the weight of aircraft by removing non-mission essential cargo.
His leadership drove safe movement of over 5,000 global airlift missions, transporting 200,000 passengers and 60,000 tons of mission essential cargo.
Any commercial carrier that wants to carry AA&E must prove their dependability to SDDC's Strategic Business Directorate by first carrying less dangerous or essential cargo.
In their first 5 months in Iraq, the 426th BSB "Taskmasters" drove more than 89,000 miles on perilous roads to deliver their essential cargo a feat that would make even the most seasoned United Parcel Service drivers wince.
Charleston, meanwhile, will remain an essential cargo hub, and the gateway for the shipment of hundreds of the new mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicles.
4 million to transport humanitarian workers and essential cargo to otherwise inaccessible areas in the Horn of Africa and Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.
The Air Partner Freight team was called upon to ensure that essential cargo such as generators, four-wheel drive vehicles, bottled water and humanitarian aid - reached those affected in the most efficient and time-effective way possible.

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