essential thrombocytopenia

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Noun1.essential thrombocytopenia - the primary form of thrombocytopenia (rather than a shortage of platelets caused by other conditions such as tuberculosis or chemical suppression of bone marrow etc.)
thrombocytopenia, thrombopenia - a blood disease characterized by an abnormally small number of platelets in the blood
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Other applications that have also succeeded - and will therefore qualify for additional EU aid in their development under the Orphan Medicinal Products Regulation adopted in 2000 - include iloprost from Schering AG, for primary and certain secondary forms of pulmonary hypertension; anagrelide hydrochloride from Shire Pharmaceuticals of the UK, for essential thrombocytopenia; busulfan for Pierre Fabre of France, in hematopoeietic progenitor cell transplantation; nitisone from Swedish Orphan AB for tyrosinaemia; and ethyl eicosopentaenoate from Laxdale of the UK, for Huntingdon's Disease.

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