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tr.v. es·sen·tial·ized, es·sen·tial·iz·ing, es·sen·tial·izes
To express or extract the essential form of.


(ɪˈsɛnʃəˌlaɪz) or


vb (tr)
to render essential


(əˈsɛn ʃəˌlaɪz)

v.t. -ized, -iz•ing.
to extract the essence from; express the essence of.
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The possible danger perceived by McAllister was a situation where an identity marker may be used to distinguish 'them' from 'us' and to essentialise and homogenise Africans, ignoring African diversity and promoting a superficial and erroneous stereotype.
Whereas high biological consistency led the children to essentialise the target more (at post-manipulation) regardless of environmental consistency, children rationally recognised the worm's changes under low biological consistency.
Being highly protestant and activist, much of the literature tended to essentialise Zimbabweaness, homogenising and reducing the agencies of different categories of people to mere victim status.
Few historians now wish to essentialise a communism as if regardless of its diverse settings, and this must in part lie behind Mischi's wariness of the idea of implantation.
Les langues signees jouent ici un dangereux role pivot: elles aident les Sourds a se definir a partir d'un referent linguistique qui renverse les mecanismes de stigmatisation dont ils sont victimes, mais qui, pour ce faire, essentialise la specificite sourde dans un corps fondamentalement different.
Strictly speaking, to essentialise in a media narrative is to straightjacket people or certain practice into Proppian dramatis personae.
Jansen, I suggest, transgresses a principle against which he warns in several places in his book (particularly in his very valid objections against the essentialisation of black South Africans in his discussion of the Ubuntu course in his Faculty): the tendency to essentialise.
Quine avec son programme de la naturalisation de l'epistemologie, Imre Lakatos et sa theorie des programmes de recherche pour rendre compte du developpement historique des connaissances scientifiques ou le rationalisme historiciste de la theorie des champs scientifiques de Pierre Bourdieu par laquelle ce dernier cherche a contourner deux ecueils de la philosophie des sciences, soit le logicisme essentialise et le relativisme absolu.
Bhabha suggests that imperial power attempts to essentialise and define indigenous cultures in relation to the West but, inadvertently, what is produced are hybrid cultures that inherently escape essentialist binaries.
Conversely, some feminist writers are "concerned to challenge and disrupt discourses that essentialise women (and men) and differences between them" (Day et al.
Before the British occupation of Orissa in 1803 and after Odoric's visit to this part of the country in the early 14th century, we have two more English travelers, William Bruton and Thomas Bowrey whose narratives set the tune for later Christian missionaries to essentialise some important institutions of the cult, namely the Car festival and the Puri temple.