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tr.v. es·sen·tial·ized, es·sen·tial·iz·ing, es·sen·tial·izes
To express or extract the essential form of.
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(ɪˈsɛnʃəˌlaɪz) or


vb (tr)
to render essential
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(əˈsɛn ʃəˌlaɪz)

v.t. -ized, -iz•ing.
to extract the essence from; express the essence of.
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By assuming that these questions are already settled, Gifford essentializes the enchanted religious imagination.
For one, such an approach essentializes the very category of "women" or "female" artists.
The accompanying diagram that essentializes the political spectrum is wonderful.
Penner attempts to avoid essentialism by acknowledging that female masculinity exists and is undeniably an important aspect of American literary culture, but the implication that all males fall on some sort of spectrum of masculinity implicitly essentializes gender; a discussion of the performative aspects of masculinity would have eliminated this implication.
Pegg essentializes these terms and imposes them on the thirteenth century in order to undergird his points.
10), only to continue with a brief overview of a thousand-year history of Croatia that anachronistically essentializes and historicizes the Croatian nation as an entity fighting for its territory and sovereignty, against foreign domination.
The lower case term "islamicism" denotes for Marr "Islamic orientalism" that essentializes Islam, usually in distorted and inaccurate ways.
Doreatha Drummon Mbalia essentializes the text by summing up its 'meaning": " 'Damballah' celebrates African history by reclaiming the African in African-American literature.
This ambitious collection is an attempt not just to add new topics to Chinese social history but in the Foucauldian tradition to question Western social science, rooted in 18th century rationalism, which, it is argued, essentializes the individual, separates power from culture, divorces the biological body from spirit, mind and role, converts this viewpoint into common sense, and thereby masks ongoing systems of inequality.
The fact is that a woman dressed as a transvestite is an excessive figure, intolerable from a number of viewpoints, including not only that of conventional good taste but, apparently, that of the sort of feminism that essentializes gender in the quest for representation.
At its best, Romines' The Home Plot neither essentializes women's activities nor defends "the best of" women's writing.
His pared down "facts" convey nothing of Dessa's experience; as Deborah McDowell notes, "Nehemiah's account actually essentializes Dessa and attempts to fit her into a recognizable proslavery text" (148).