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1. Constituting or being part of the nature or essence of something; inherent: "In that era of general good will ... few Americans doubted the essential goodness of their society" (David Halberstam).
2. Fundamentally important or necessary: essential ingredients. See Synonyms at indispensable.
3. Medicine Of, relating to, or being a condition or a disease whose cause is unknown: essential hypertension.
4. Biochemistry Being a substance that is required for normal functioning but cannot be synthesized by the body and therefore must be included in the diet: essential amino acids.
1. Something fundamental.
2. Something necessary or indispensable.

es·sen′ti·al′i·ty (-shē-ăl′ĭ-tē), es·sen′tial·ness n.
es·sen′tial·ly adv.
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Noun1.essentialness - basic importance
importance - the quality of being important and worthy of note; "the importance of a well-balanced diet"
vitalness - the quality of being essential to maintain life
indispensability, indispensableness, vitalness - the quality possessed by something that you cannot possibly do without
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This suggests the essentialness on the Islamic banking policy makers to device their operations grounded on the overall welfare and a greater standpoint from the Maqasid al Shariah framework, and not just concentrating on the Shariah compliance.
Specifically, EGO highlights the essentialness of each function of a foreign security force: the executive function, generating function, and operating function are roughly analogous (in their U.S.
The report noted that one-stop shopping destinations like Lulu, Carrefour and online retailer are deeply embedded into the day-to-day lives of their users, ranking higher for essentialness compared to the retail industry average.
Once the instruments of diffusion and/or convergence of growth have been brought into evidence, a quality of essentialness is conferred on public investment.
These components constitute PC security in any unique situation, and they go up against new essentialness in distributed computing since it relies on upon outsider suppliers.
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Notwithstanding its essentialness to lessen Chinese reliance on the Sea of Malacca and South China Sea courses, CPEC will give China an option and shorter course for vitality imports from the Middle East, in this way diminishing delivery expenses and travel times.
Uniqueness of marginal patients across alternative subscenarios is demonstrated in Figure 1, which shows the distributions of treatment effects for the full population and marginal subpopulation at different levels of essentialness in Scenario 4.
When asked about why women are responsible for feeding the whole family, the discourses point to justifications such as "women like to cook" or "they know how to cook and do not work outside the home," which allows us to identify a certain essentialness of the attributions as constituting women's life and universe.