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Of, relating to, or being the grammatical case indicating a state of being or an existence in a particular capacity or state in some languages, as in Finnish professorina, "as a professor."
1. The essive case.
2. A word or form in the essive case.

[Finnish essiivi, from New Latin essīvus : Latin esse, to be; see es- in Indo-European roots + Latin -īvus, -ive.]
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(Grammar) grammar a grammatical case denoting a state of being
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In some languages, the lexicalized essive form *taun-na is used in the test contexts.
(1) The distinction in the direction of the ESSIVE relation in compounds seems to be quite subtle and generally follows the principle: ESSIVE1--every [N.sub.1] is [N.sub.2]; ESSIVE2--[N.sub.2] which is [N.sub.1].
Angels Breath is the big talking horse on the Kempton card and he is odds-on to win the Sky Bet Dovecote Novices' Hurdle (3.00) after his impreAscot Nicky The could and h clearl he's to class, he do have penal to car and th hasn't Tha becau onlyw e p eased ut e essive win in a Grade 2 at t on his sole start for y Henderson.
The Real Madrid ace scored a fine a fine essive nd to uding aniel free-kick for the second successive game in Lens, only for England to strike twice in the second half, including a stoppage-time winner by Daniel Sturridge (above, left).
He won praise for "essive range of very differere -es" which were "told with e nd in detail".
There are five communication patterns: Handlungsschema (action pattern), Vorgangsschema (procedure pattern), Erfahrungsschema (experience pattern), Besitzschema (ownership pattern), and Essivschema (essive pattern).
In particular, ticular, ticular thanks to her resourcing and co-ordination, SpecsaveSpecsa rs' already impressive essive essi customer waiting times have ha reduced by 8% so far this year.
The 63-year-old has an essive focus nd has told players and staff that he wants to win the league this season.
tion, essive at soon es with mingly dless shots Doug leaping m buildings le being shot at.