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1. Of or relating to support for the political or social establishment.
2. Of or relating to support for the official status of an established church.

es·tab′lish·men·tar′i·an n.
es·tab′lish·men·tar′i·an·ism n.
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1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) denoting or relating to an Established Church, esp the Church of England
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) denoting or relating to the principle of a Church being officially recognized as a national institution
(Ecclesiastical Terms) an upholder of this principle, esp as applied to the Church of England
esˌtablishmenˈtarianism n
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(ɪˌstæb lɪʃ mənˈtɛər i ən)

1. of or pertaining to an established church, esp. the Church of England, or the principle of state religion.
2. (cap.) of, pertaining to, or favoring the Establishment.
3. a supporter or adherent of the principle of the establishment of a church by state law; an advocate of state religion.
4. (cap.) a person who belongs to or favors the Establishment.
es•tab`lish•men•tar′i•an•ism, n.
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Conforming to established practice or standards:
Slang: square.
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More specifically, Jewish American literary study, precisely in its tenuous relationship with establishmentarian Jewish studies formations, needs to more actively confront the practices of its particular brand of the privileging of ignorance: of its own institutional and disciplinary history, of its relationships with other academic formations, of its investments in Jewish identity and Jewish community.
Today's Left, at least the mainstream Left represented by the Democratic Party, is now establishmentarian. The Republican Right is now populist, if not downright revolutionary.
With the exception of his crackdown on free trade, the president's foreign policy has turned out to be exceedingly establishmentarian in its orientation.
(24) Benevolent secularism is also known as "negative" secularism because it is "a freedom 'from' establishmentarian imposition." (25) Hostile secularism, on the other hand, is a belief that a "state should actively pursue a policy of established unbelief." (26) Although the American government has never explicitly endorsed a policy of established unbelief, many opinionated leaders do espouse tenets of hostile secularism.
Their repudiation of infant baptism as unbiblical and inappropriately coercive, their concern for conversion and believer's baptism, and their generally egalitarian response to congregational leadership frequently put them at odds with "normative" English Protestantism, thereby challenging establishmentarian orthodoxy and the nature of Christian citizenship.
Trump's first team under National Security Adviser Michael Flynn blew apart before it could assemble, with a decidedly establishmentarian figure, active duty Lt.
Henry Gates is, above all, trying to play-back his way to a special public self-portraiture--one he considers politically serviceable [...] First of all, there should be no doubt among progressive African-American intellectuals that Henry Gates--as the leading African--American academic entrepreneur intellectual in the country these days has an intellectual persona and modus operandi vis-a-vis Black-world realities that is riddled through with establishmentarian and sometimes anti-Black purposes [Emphasis mine].
Consider only one prominent issue implicating establishmentarian concerns: the relationship of religion and the education of American citizens.
Watts characterizes Ellison as having become, in the 1950s, a "liberal establishmentarian elitist who proclaimed the virtues of high culture artistic disengagement" (1994, 49).
(188.) Interestingly, Leiter adds that the alternative sectarian schools in his hypothetical establishmentarian regime are funded by the state in the manner of Britain." Id.
Indeed, were Turner not such an impeccably establishmentarian figure, his project would seem decidedly unremarkable.

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