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1. Of or relating to support for the political or social establishment.
2. Of or relating to support for the official status of an established church.

es·tab′lish·men·tar′i·an n.
es·tab′lish·men·tar′i·an·ism n.
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official recognition of a church as a national institution, especially the Church of England. Cf. antidisestablishmentarianism.
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Noun1.establishmentarianism - the doctrine of supporting the social or political establishment
doctrine, ism, philosophical system, philosophy, school of thought - a belief (or system of beliefs) accepted as authoritative by some group or school
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Among others, these include a high degree of integration (e.g., the Orthodox Church in Russia under the czars), soft establishmentarianism (today's Church of England), and concordat models (which exist in some Catholic-majority nations).
You could feature artists who actually create art directed against the art machine, its commercialism, its closed doors, its general establishmentarianism. Well, try giving it a thought.
Many problems would remain, for universities themselves tend to establishmentarianism, especially of the scientific variety, since scientific decisions are usually put in the hands of eminent scientists.
While Bellon chose to focus on the theme of virtue and vice, this theme was only one view of a kaleidoscope of collateral and continually changing controversies: Erastianism versus Establishmentarianism; Science versus Religion; Evangelicals versus Latitudinarians; High Church versus Low Church; Protestant versus Catholic; Tory versus Whig, etc.
McConnell, The New Establishmentarianism, 75 Chi.-Kent L.
John Rawls has said that "that the term neutrality is unfortunate [, because] some of its connotations are highly misleading, [while] others suggest altogether impracticable principles." (410) Thus, the concept of neutrality can be defined as reflecting everything from an intentional indifference to or intentional non-interference with religion on the one hand to intentional egalitarianism or de facto establishmentarianism on the other.
My resignation and the discouragement I see in my colleagues, their alienation from "academe," are reactions to a seemingly insoluble problem: formalism, establishmentarianism, whitism--whatever it is called, it has me beat.
To these people, he was at best a figure of fun--a stuffy exemplar of careful establishmentarianism, the "perfect English gentleman," always with a carnation in his buttonhole and ready with a polite demurral.
Habermas, in Bronner's view, seeks escape from relativism yet becomes mired in liberal establishmentarianism.

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