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Variant of aesthete.


a US spelling of aesthete
esthetic, esˈthetical adj
esˈthetically adv
esthetician n
esˈthetiˌcism n
esˈthetics n


or es•thete

(ˈɛs θit)

1. a person who has or professes to have refined sensitivity toward the beauties of art or nature.
2. a person who affects great love of art, music, poetry, etc., and indifference to practical matters.
[1880–85; < Greek aisthētḗs one who perceives, derivative of aisthē-, variant s. of aisthánesthai to perceive]
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Noun1.esthete - one who professes great sensitivity to the beauty of art and natureesthete - one who professes great sensitivity to the beauty of art and nature
cognoscente, connoisseur - an expert able to appreciate a field; especially in the fine arts
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Il y a longtemps que notre esthete n'a pas inscrit un but de folie.
Tenders are invited for Gomti Nagar Vistar Yojna Sector-1 Esthete 30.
That Beard did not become some kind of conservative Pre-Raphaelite esthete ever pining for the vanished certainties of medieval Christendom probably owes more to Hobson than to any other single thinker.
Lecter, who, as his psychiatrist Bedelia DuMaurier/Gillian Anderson observes, is at all times wearing "a well-tailored person suit," appears as his radical opposite: a sophisticated esthete whose experience of the world is always mediated by the artifice which dissimulates his savage impulses.
Quelque part entre l'albatros baudelairien et le "rossignol de la boue sans alies" de Corbiere, Plowert s'inscrit a merveille dans la posture decadente archetypale: se presentant comme un esthete de seconde zone que son originalite et son imprevisibilite rendent plus rebutant qu'attirant, il est la personne de papier toute designee pour endosser la responsabilite d'une reflexion sur le lexique symboliste.
James McLennan's Triquet, the effete esthete who entertains the guests with a hammy recitation of his doggerel in Act II, was an audience hit and certainly provided the comic relief the opera prescribes at that point in its downhill slide towards death and despair.
The epitome of the esthete is the seducer whose diary is recorded at the end of Either/Or.
Most of the time the transferring cost from national to regional budget, bringing stability to divided region and addressing demand for local autonomy drive the reform rather than educational consideration per esthete is an expectation that these changes may have some impact on the quality of learning (Naidoo, 2005).
It is also his esthete Dupin who first displays the same method in the service of crime detection.
Known by her clients as a "beauty junkie," she is a passionate esthete with an innate understanding of how the notion of beauty translates from culture to culture.
But this is the Last Judgment as seen through the eyes of a fastidious esthete frightened by the possibility of pollution by the poor and deformed of his race-a last judgment on the Italy Croce described.