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Variant of aestheticism.


or es•thet•i•cism

(ɛsˈθɛt əˌsɪz əm)

1. the acceptance of aesthetic standards as of supreme importance.
2. an exaggerated devotion to the artistic or beautiful.

aestheticism, estheticism

the doctrine that the principles of beauty are basic and that other principles (the good, the right) are derived from them, applied especially to a late 19th-century movement to bring art into daily life. See also art.
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She had eaten the meal that had been brought her by Mohammed Beyd's Negro slave--a meal of cassava cakes and a nondescript stew in which a new-killed monkey, a couple of squirrels and the remains of a zebra, slain the previous day, were impartially and unsavorily combined; but the one-time Baltimore belle had long since submerged in the stern battle for existence, an estheticism which formerly revolted at much slighter provocation.
Higgins as she was when she defied fashion in her youth in one of the beautiful Rossettian costumes which, when caricatured by people who did not understand, led to the absurdities of popular estheticism in the eighteen-seventies.
In The Lyric Poem and A estheticism: Forms of Modernity (Edinburgh Univ.
(1.) Jared Becker is convinced that this 'politics of estheticism'--to use Thomas Mann's term--offers the 'esthete as a political arbiter', and offers the poet's 'beauties'--in this case nationalism and imperialism--as 'the substance of the nation's politics, overriding the materialist analyses of either socialist or capitalist polities'.
The ceremony in Dubai has culminated the regional launch of this outstanding masterpiece of estheticism; Huawei Mate 8.
It seems that Pokalchuk tries to recuperate the literary significance of the banned author, arguing Borges's intellectualism, estheticism and linguistic precision.
Here we see the ambiguity of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] in play again, and it is clear that Ion's own ideas about beauty only amount to the most superficial kind of estheticism. Not only is Ion not oriented toward the deeper beauty of truth, but because his passive submission to the authority of Homer has left him unable to think for himself, he cannot see any other alternatives, much less begin to formulate them.
The term "Nazi Cinema" is contested by some commentators (see, for instance, Grunberger and Kreimeier, Die Ufa Story) arguing that not all German films made during the Third Reich warrant this appellation, as some of them would conform to an estheticism prominent in Weimar Cinema and bearing testimony to the continuity of certain genres such as musicals, homeland films, period dramas, or adaptations of literature.
McCracken compares the marketing campaign to the one Pathe deployed successfully for "Slumdog Millionaire." "That poster may not have been the greatest triumph of estheticism, but in terms of saying to a broad audience, you will enjoy this, it was very effective.
Initially, his estheticism preserved a tenuous form of symbolic object-relatedness.
In Red Desert, Antonioni has, remarks Pasolini, "finally succeeded in representing the world seen through his own eyes because he has substituted, wholly, the world-view of a sick woman for his own vision, which is delirious with estheticism" (Pasolini 1976, 553).
9] Camp has been co-opted into straight camp in many ways, most notoriously by Susan Sontag in her "Notes on Camp." Although she acknowledges a certain "homosexual estheticism" about camp, she understands camp as "artifice." My point is not to develop a critique of camp interpretation within this essay, but rather to point out that the camp in Transamerica is a true descendant of camp as it sprang from the reality of the social space of gay sensibility.