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also aes·ti·val  (ĕs′tə-vəl)
Of, relating to, or appearing in summer.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin aestīvālis, from aestīvus, from aestās, summer.]


(iːˈstaɪvəl; ˈɛstɪ-)
the usual US spelling of aestival


(ˈɛs tə vəl, ɛˈstaɪ vəl)

pertaining or appropriate to summer.
[1350–1400; < Late Latin aestīvālis < Latin aestīv(us) of summer]
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Adj.1.estival - (rare) of or occurring in summerestival - (rare) of or occurring in summer; "the sky was a burnished aestival blue"; "estival winds"
summery - belonging to or characteristic of or occurring in summer; "summery weather"; "summery dresses"
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Aussi, les resultats devraient beneficier du glissement du mois de ramadan en dehors du pic estival ainsi que de la croissance des volumes avec les exportations en annee pleine en Espagne.Rappelons aussi qu'a fin juin 2018, SBM affiche une situation de tresorerie nette de 480 millions de DH.
Sentant le coup des l'intersaison, le joueur de 26 ans avait failli signer a Everton (Premier League anglaise) lors du dernier jour du mercato estival, mais son transfert est tombe a l'eau.
You'll stay at Hotel Estival Park, which is in a quiet area of La Pineda but close to the resort's beach, promenade and bars.
Dans ce PSG a deux vitesses entre les mega-stars et les joueurs lambdas, il se situe aujourd'hui en tete des departs du mercato estival a venir.
"Hehadawonderful record,withbig wins in the Cesarewitch and Irish ChampionHurdle,andwasa regularat theCheltenhamF estival."
Midso (8.00p Barnaby heroes H to play a Rocks fe drumme years ag car into Nettles h detectiv omer Murders pm) y is delighted that his Hired Gun are reuniting at the Midsomer estival - minus their er, who disappeared 30 go after driving his a quarry.
The nine-year-old has struck up a good partnership with Tony McCoy and Scott is hopeful the champion jockey will be in the plate at the F estival.
PARTY animals inspired by the end-of-f estival fireworks display had a final weekend blowout at Edinburgh night spot Opal Lounge.