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tr.v. es·topped, es·top·ping, es·tops
1. Law To impede or prohibit by estoppel.
2. Archaic To stop up.

[Middle English estoppen, from Anglo-Norman estopper, from Vulgar Latin *stuppāre, to stop up; see stop.]

es·top′page (ĕ-stŏp′ĭj) n.


vb (tr) , -tops, -topping or -topped
1. (Law) law to preclude by estoppel
2. archaic to stop
[C15: from Old French estoper to plug, ultimately from Latin stuppa tow; see stop]
esˈtoppage n



v.t. -topped, -top•ping.
1. to hinder or prevent by estoppel.
2. Archaic. to stop or stop up.
[1250–1300; Middle English < Anglo-French estopper, Old French estoper to stop up, derivative of estoupe < Latin stuppa tow; see stop]


Past participle: estopped
Gerund: estopping

I estop
you estop
he/she/it estops
we estop
you estop
they estop
I estopped
you estopped
he/she/it estopped
we estopped
you estopped
they estopped
Present Continuous
I am estopping
you are estopping
he/she/it is estopping
we are estopping
you are estopping
they are estopping
Present Perfect
I have estopped
you have estopped
he/she/it has estopped
we have estopped
you have estopped
they have estopped
Past Continuous
I was estopping
you were estopping
he/she/it was estopping
we were estopping
you were estopping
they were estopping
Past Perfect
I had estopped
you had estopped
he/she/it had estopped
we had estopped
you had estopped
they had estopped
I will estop
you will estop
he/she/it will estop
we will estop
you will estop
they will estop
Future Perfect
I will have estopped
you will have estopped
he/she/it will have estopped
we will have estopped
you will have estopped
they will have estopped
Future Continuous
I will be estopping
you will be estopping
he/she/it will be estopping
we will be estopping
you will be estopping
they will be estopping
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been estopping
you have been estopping
he/she/it has been estopping
we have been estopping
you have been estopping
they have been estopping
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been estopping
you will have been estopping
he/she/it will have been estopping
we will have been estopping
you will have been estopping
they will have been estopping
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been estopping
you had been estopping
he/she/it had been estopping
we had been estopping
you had been estopping
they had been estopping
I would estop
you would estop
he/she/it would estop
we would estop
you would estop
they would estop
Past Conditional
I would have estopped
you would have estopped
he/she/it would have estopped
we would have estopped
you would have estopped
they would have estopped
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Jeremy Estop, the current managing director of MJP, described MacCormac as a having an "unquenchable enthusiasm for architecture".
It has been a long process, reaching the conclusion to appoint Simons, said Cambridge Nuffield Hospital director Maxine Estop, Building excellence of course is paramount, but the contractor had to understand and be able to relate to the specific nature of the site and its physical context.
Czechoslovak Communist regime fall down, when the armed services did estop intervene against protesting people, and the Communist leaders did not want to risk massive massacre.
Nevertheless, the intention to breach the rights of the victim, coupled with an actual lesser breach of rights is sufficient to establish the crime, and estop the criminal from asserting his own rights in return.
All political, cultural, ideological, psychological, media/ propaganda as well as military means that can be marshaled in the US global network have now had to be activated to estop the native and indigenous African peoples' movement in Central Africa to; sovereignty and independent developmental paths.
invalidity could be asserted by a later defendant to collaterally estop the patentee.
But one 4-step example stands atop this 5-letter cluster: PESTO yields STOPE and TOPES, which in turn yields ESTOP.
The provisions of this Order shall not bar, estop, or otherwise prevent the Board of Governors, or any other federal or state agency or department, from taking any other action affecting Garcia; provided, however, that the Board of Governors shall not take any further action against Garcia relating to the matters addressed by this Order based upon facts presently known by the Board of Governors.
Even with modern safety devices, such as a belly bar, kick plate, pull cord/cable and Estop buttons, the mill is largely unguarded and poses significant danger for an unfocused operator.
Created by a company called eStop that is now owned by Siemens VDO, the new brake design replaces conventional brake calipers with a module consisting of a brake pad, a wedge and wedge-holding mechanism, two electric motors, and a set of sensors that read movement and Force at each wheel.
The mistake on the defendant's part does not ameliorate his responsibility all by itself (we can assume (26)), and there is no reason, in this case, to estop the conviction and punishment since the conviction and punishment are not actions on the part of the very same agent who is committed to the legality of the conduct.