estrogen replacement therapy

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estrogen replacement therapy

n. Abbr. ERT
The administration of estrogen to postmenopausal women to relieve the symptoms of menopause, prescribed primarily to women who have had hysterectomies.
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es′trogen replace`ment ther`apy

the administration of estrogen, esp. in postmenopausal women, to reduce the chance of osteoporosis and heart disease. Abbr.: ERT
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According to the researchers, the important message from these findings is that estrogen replacement therapy shouldn't be discarded, that it still may be used to protect hearts.
Estrogen replacement therapy modulation of the insulin-like growth factor system in monkey knee joints.
Aromatase deficiency in a Chinese adult man caused by novel compound heterozygous CYP19A1 mutations: effects of estrogen replacement therapy on the bone, lipid, liver and glucose metabolism.
According to Guidozzi and Daponte, the difference between PFS ( P = 0.785) and OS ( P = 0.354) for patients who received HRT after debulking surgery or not was not statistically significant.[sup][21] Another study of 24 women with ovarian serous cystadenocarcinoma who started HRT at 21 months (mean value) after surgery, for a median duration of 24 months found their risk for death did not increase ( RR : 0.9, 95% CI : 0.24–5.08).[sup][22] Moreover, Hinds and Price [sup][23] pointed out that little evidence exists for an obvious effect of estrogen replacement therapy on early-stage EOC.
An RCT of estrogen replacement therapy for PLMD enrolled postmenopausal women, about half of whom were found to have PLMD.
Allied documents that were recently released to the public recount not only the strange estrogen replacement therapy aims against Adolph Hitler but similarly strange food tampering plans created by the Nazis.
"It's the idea that starting estrogen replacement therapy during perimenopause or soon after menopause may be neuroprotective and even cardioprotective, in contrast to beginning its use as many as 10 years after menopause," explains Margaret Polaneczky, MD, associate professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology at Weill Cornell Medical College.
On the other hand, the HABITS (Hormonal Replacement Therapy After Breast Cancer Trial)--a prospective, randomized clinical trial--did compare estrogen replacement therapy vs.
While estrogen replacement therapy of any type, including intravaginal application, may be appropriate in selected patients, we conclude that VE treatment, regardless of type, results in elevated circulating estradiol levels and should be used with caution.
In fact, estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) must carry a warning that grapefruit increases estrogen levels.
The results suggest Pycnogenol may serve as an alternative treatment to estrogen replacement therapy, which is the most common remedy of pre-menopause ("perimenopausal") symptoms.
In this study, rats receiving estrogen replacement therapy had physiologic estrogen levels.

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