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Of, relating to, or being in estrus.
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(ˈɛs trəs)

pertaining to or involving the estrus.
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Adj.1.estrous - (of lower mammals) showing or in a state of estrus; in heat; "the estrous state"; "the estrous cycle"
mammal, mammalian - any warm-blooded vertebrate having the skin more or less covered with hair; young are born alive except for the small subclass of monotremes and nourished with milk
anestrous - (of lower mammals) not in a state of estrus; not in heat; "an anestrous bitch"
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When it comes to reproduction, the words "estrous" and "estrus" look and sound annoyingly similar, but they describe very different parts of the same cycle.
Estrous cycles in Bos indicus and Bos taurus heifers acclimatized to the hot humid seasonal equatorial Climate.
"In female rats, the magnitude of cocaine craving was critically dependent on the phase of the estrous cycle, demonstrating a novel role of ovarian hormones in incubation of cocaine craving," said Ikemoto.
LIF is expressed in the endometrium between days 10 and 18 of the estrous cycle and early pregnancy [13, 14], and LIFR and GP130 are expressed in the endometrium during the estrous cycle and pregnancy and in the placenta [15-18].
Vaginal cytology analysis is a simple, noninvasive technique that has been successfully used to predict the different phases of the estrous cycle in different species (Sharma & Sharma, 2016).
I'll never forget the first time I witnessed the pandemonium of a mature whitetail buck hot on the heels of an estrous doe.
Bring rutting whitetail bucks in close this fall with the Dominant Buck and Doe Estrous VAPOR Magnet[TM] ($9.99 each) from VAPOR Heated Scents.
At doses greater than the efficacious clinical exposure, sexual function, maturation of gametes, estrous cycles, pregnancy rates and implantation were comparable to vehicle control; rats and rabbits receiving oral SCY-078 showed no enhanced toxicities relative to those noted in studies conducted with non-pregnant females, there was no increase in embryo-fetal loss, and evaluations of fetal development revealed no SCY-078-related anomalies in the rats or rabbits.
Estrous cycles of all mice were determined by evaluating the cell types in vaginal smears (15).
The estrous cycle stage was assessed by examination of vaginal smears for two cycles of initiation and end of treatment.
Females were grouped by the phase of the estrous cycle to assess its effect on plus-maze behavior.