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n. pl. es·tu·ar·ies
1. The part of the wide lower course of a river where its current is met by the tides.
2. An arm of the sea that extends inland to meet the mouth of a river.

[Latin aestuārium, from aestus, tide, surge, heat.]

es′tu·ar′i·al (-âr′ē-əl) adj.
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Adj.1.estuarial - of or relating to or found in estuaries
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Abandoned by her feckless and abusive husband, Alinor lives alone with her children in the tidelands, a marshy estuarial region along England's southern coast.
Salinities of 43, 33, and 23 psu may be found in coastal and estuarial areas and are likely encountered by snails in their natural habitats.
It was a paean to the city's status as the estuarial zone of the continent, where two worlds overlap.
Her response was backed up by Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling, who recently said "those who benefit from the significant improvements that large estuarial crossings bring should help pay for them".
The letter said: "It has been for many years and remains Government policy that those who benefit from the significant improvements that large estuarial crossings bring should help pay for them.
The truth is that water flowing naturally to sea, far from being wasted, is the precious lifeblood of estuarial nurseries.
Examining 20-year intervals to simulate estuarial changes created by rising Atlantic waters entering at the Hudson's mouth, the scientists project broad shifts in wetland composition, with widespread conversion of high marsh habitat (driest) to low marsh (wet), tidal flat or permanent water inundation.
Los estudios acerca de humedales son aun escasos en el Centro-Sur de Chile, contandose, no obstante, con importantes trabajos en el sistema estuarial de la desembocadura del rio Biobio y cursos asociados (Quiroz 2010; Seguel 1969; Torres et al.
Historicamente, la urbanizacion del sector costero del partido de Necochea ha producido una intensa y variada utilizacion de los recursos (playas, medanos, rio) en diversos usos (actividades agropecuarias, agroindustrias, navegacion, comercio, turismo), lo que ha llevado a interferencias con los procesos naturales, especialmente sobre el area de costas, como el transporte de sedimentos, dinamica estuarial, migracion de medanos, dinamica de playas (MERLOTTO et al., 2012).
Whether it's water, wind-power, estuarial barrages, the extraction of minerals, or other natural resources, the Assembly should be empowered to harness these, where it's acceptable to local communities, to facilitate economic growth.