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The latest scrap of paper signed by Minister of Interior Ahsan Iqbal et alia and by four hirsute representatives of the protesters is likely to meet the same fate, the heavy-handed signature of a major-general of the ISI as 'guarantor' notwithstanding.
et alia at the Baylor UniversityMedical Center at Dallas, and published in the July, 2017, issue of Carcinogenesis.
The synergism of its components has been published in the journal, Scientific Reports, by Shusuke Toden, PhD, et alia, of Baylor University, Dallas, Texas.
My thanks go to; William Pitt the Younger, The Second Earl of Liverpool Robert Jenkinson, Robert Peel, Disraeli, Aneurin Bevan, Sir Winston Churchill, Baroness Margaret Thatcher, et alia.
The prosecution referred the case against the suspect et alia to the Lower Criminal Court which on 15-12-2015 issued an executable two years jail sentence against him in absentia.
1 May 2014 - US construction, mining and engineering organisation Kiewit Corporation's technology solutions unit, Kiewit Technology Inc (KTI), said it had acquired Et alia LLC's assets related to SAP software development, implementation and consulting.
De meme, les amoureux de la parole ont joui de quelques moments poetiques avec les deux poetesses Fatima Ezzahra Amskine et Alia Al Idrissi.
That means 258 articles, 55 conference papers, 148 opinions, 42 book reviews et alia (please, see also the Indexes (contents, authors, subjects) which are reproduced at the end of this issue.
et alia (2008): <<Internet food marketing on popular children's websites and food products websites in Australia>>, Public Health Nutrition, 11(11), 1180-1187.
Particularly, in reading a document dated 30 October 1465 (but 1464), we have known of the existence of two domus belonging to the brothers Cobello and Pietro de Carlo, situated 'in territorio dicte Turris, in villa Piczoni, 'una coperta et alia discoperta, cum curti et antecurtis, orto et medietatis torculari (olive press).
Or did they merely reveal a hip that was already there, but that Singer, et alia litigiously denied had been accidentally obliterated?
She also has been named executive editor of the Broward County Chapter of the Federal Bar Association's newsletter Et Alia and has been appointed to the executive board of The Stephen R.